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The spineless liar finally arrived

My ex started a relationship with me while he was texting/emailing a woman and becoming close to her. We were together for 6 weeks (he lived with me basically the whole time). In that time frame he told me he loved me, told me "hey baby - you've got me for as long as you want me" and made numerous promises and plans for the future with me. My two teenage sons really liked him and he repeated said how important that was for me.
Now this woman is a secretary at the head office of his home based business and he finally got to meet her two weeks ago when he went to the head offcie meeting. After limited communication with me (not wanting to go on line because the internet was not free and not wanting to spend money on a call - this from a man that regularly spends $300 on a pair of jeans) the communication stopped altogether. I knew something was up and I actually called the head office and pulled him out of the meeting. The cheat refused to come clean and got a ride from the airport when he came home from someone else - claiming I had become "clingy". He then emailed me later that day to tell me what I described earlier - that he indeed hooked up with that secretary and he was going to now pursue his feelings for her. The kicker of it all was that one week into our brief relationship I has specifically inquired as his relationship with her because she sent him an expensive potted plant when his cat died. He denied any romantic feelings. He had left his car in my garage and some belongings and emailed me to tell me he could not face me so would be sending someone in his stead to get his belongings. I told him if he wanted his belongings back he would have to come and get them himself. The spineless liar finally arrived to get his belongings but not before emailing me again to say he was not going to stand to have his belongings held hostage. I made him listen to my crying and answer some questions and made him look at my two sons before I gave back his car, car keys and belongings. Another piece of infomation that adds to his sliminess - he knew early in our relationship that my previous marriage break up 2 years earlier had ended similarly - meaning having the rug pulled out from under my feet. He was adamant that he hated "game playing" and was looking for a "real relationship". So real I'm still crying.


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