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My ex was such a jack ass

My ex was such a jack ass , and to actually think that I cared about him at one point Chris L. from the bronx, N.Y. was so mean and hurtful that ladies I can only say beware of him, he is indeed a womanizer, most importantly he cannot stay with one woman. Hell I know that I am not a perfect 10, but the dumb as bitch of an ex girlfriend he decided to mess with was a hot hot mess to the 10th power. A got pregant by him and gave up so much for him that I can't believe all the shit he put me through. Plus the worst thing is that he was indeed my first. It's just so sad to see what we have become because we were friends 4 years prior to him begining to treat me like this, but after the fact of finding out how triffling and deceitful he is from his friends I now have clearity. I am happilly getting maried next september , which I am happy about beacause this relationship that I am in outlasted the three years of hell relationship I was in with him. So for my conclusion ladies please if you see this bastard Chris L. on the street walk the other way, look in the other direction because all you are going to get from that self rightous bastard is pure hurt and pain.


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