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My Ex was such a perfect fit

My Ex was such a perfect fit. She had so many interests that were similar to mine with out being that Fantasy match made in heaven. It started with a distance I could not bridge. She was just feeling icky. It appeared to be depression, of being with me? Then she my attempts of talking were met with we dont have to talk now, we have the rest of our life together. She began needing a couple of minutes a day for herself. Whether that was on the computer talking to friends, her kids, or playing video games. She was becoming emotionally detached from me. There were enough other times though to make me doubt myself on these things. She seemed alive at other times. Later I found out these were her own interests and she shared talking about these things with the guys she was talking to as well as complaining about my poor participation in them. Also, personal things were made public with a slant of how bad I was even if in person she was telling me she loved me.
I recieved an anonymous message that she was cheating. I dismissed it till one night when she was going out she left after saying something strange about a friend. So I checked her computer to find all this garbage and how Evil I was. I kicked her out. Unfortunately, she was able to take her time and eventually moved out on her terms. But not after putting me through Hell in the process. If you think your partner is cheating do a search on the topic. Youll be amazed at the information you will find.


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