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he loved me but he couldn't stay with me

I met my ex boyfriend in this particular place where I am studying.We were both away from home, very far from our homes actually, miles and miles away.We both clicked right way and after two months of a wonderful friendship we began to go out.He had everything I had ever wanted in someone.I was so attrtacted by his personality and his looks.He is one of the most intelligent men I have ever come across and I enjoyed every second of our time together.I am pretty sure he felt likewise.We just had a lot in common and despite all our differences, we got on just great.However, after finishing his studies he went back to his home country and decided to break up with me as he thought a long distance relationship would be too difficult to handle.I accepted it and just tried to get on with my life.We kept in touch ocassionally but nothin major.I decided to go on holiday to his country so I could visit some friends I have there.He knew I was there and he told me he really wanted to see me and would make an effort to fly where I was and spend time with me.It never happened.I came back to this city where I am studying.Time went back and he began to call me and email me, saying he really thought he loved me and that he wanted another chance.Eventually we got back together and he told me he needed to see me desperately because he loved me.He bought tickets and went to see me in my home country when I went back to visit my family for Christmas.Everything was perfect.I thought he had thought things through and he was going to stay with me.However, he broke up with me like a week later arriving to my country, saying he loved me but he couldn't stay with me because he was never going to be able to make me happy or give me what I wanted.We broke up right then, I went back to uni and that was it.I left with a broken heart and I know you're going to think I am an idiot but I have tried so hard to move on and I just can't.It's been over half a year and I still dream about him.We've talked a couple of times, and he told me he was alone because he couldn't find anyone who'd understand him or put up with him.I wish I could have another chance and start everything all over again.I doubt it will happen though,so I'll just have to trust that one day I'll get out of bed and I won't feel that emptiness anymore.I miss him terribly.


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