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My boyfriend of 16 months and I were completely happy. So much so that we were considering marriage. Great, one would say because we were so connected; soulmates is what we described ourselves as! Well the story doesn't end there (of course). One magic Friday night no different than the next; our usual date night; I was awaiting is arrival and realized that he was late. I call, he is in route but I hear a buzz on the end of the line----long story short, he wire tapped my home phone!!!!!! How long had it been tapped I will never no; that ended our relationship---OVER, DONE, COMPLETE! I loved this man with everything I am. Its now one year later and we haven't spoken since "THAT DAY"! Lately I've been getting late night "blocked calls"---I can feel that its him!

How do you get over someone you still love soo much!


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