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I hate him.

I fell in love with a co-worker. We met at work and I had a boyfriend at the time. A year went by, we got to know each other and in this time I realized that I was so deeply in love with him. He said he felt the same way. We were good friends, then friends with benefits, and it got to the point where we spent every minute possible together and said I love you everyday. Everybody thought I was his girlfriend the whole time, but I was not because I was scared to break up with my current boyfriend. I finally did. I left my boyfriend of 2years to be with my co-worker that I fell in love with. I thought we would have a good life.

Then I find out that the whole 6 months we were dating he was talking to another girl the same way he spoke to me, saying he wants to be with her and cares for her more than anyone else and would do anything for her. This girl is across the country and he met her on a cruise ship. He knew I had a boyfriend the whole time, I was honest, he was not. I forgave him and we moved in together.

He then keeps lying to me. He calls ex girlfriends and girls he dated & deletes the number from his phone. He admits he has feelings for yet another girl. Lies to me about where he is or what he is doing almost daily.

I broke up with him ... he wouldn't let me leave our apartment! He punched holes in our wall & went crazy. He threatened me and acted like he was going to physically hurt me. He grabbed me and would not let me leave. During this struggle of me trying to go I stomped on his foot trying to get him off of me ... he screamed like it really hurt and started shaking so I was scared I broke it. I took care of his foot with ice and drew him a bath because I felt bad for hurting him ... then that led to forgiving him for his lies and getting back together.

He then bought me a promise ring & said he wanted to marry me but not yet because of financial reasons. He promised he wouldn't lie again ... the next day he lied and I caught him. Again he wouldn't let me leave. This time he backed me into a corner ... I actually feared my life. He broke the door down to get in the room! Then he starts to cut himself with a sharp kitchen knife & cuts my name in his chest ... takes a whole bottle of pain killers then sits and blocks the door still holding the knife. I go to the back of the room & cry .. he runs after me and yells are you on the phone?!?? how dare you!?? like if I actually were he would have cut me right then and there ..... he eventually passes out from the pain killers.

Now he is at work & I'm at home. I'm trapped ... he won't let me go with out hurting himself or me ... if he wanted me so badly .. then he shouldn't have lied.

I hate him.


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