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he just threw my keys away into the distance, never to be found again!

A Nightmare Bargain.

I met a gorgeous looking guy, it was love at first sight-(or so I thought!) We met at a house party and really enjoyed each others company; dancing close to one another.

We swapped mobile numbers and soon became friends;talking every night on the phone at least three times a day. He would phone me to say "good morning, have a nice day", in the afternoon and evening to say "good night, wishing me sweet dreams "babes" We were always on the phone and my family started to get annoyed with the constant chit-chatter; but I loved it. Once we chatted non stop for two hours!

As things progressed, we eventually met every weekend. It was great.A buzz. He would spend his money all weekend: Id never had that before,my previous boyfriend was "tight" like that; everything was "dutch" and accounted for. This new man of mine had money. He was self employed pocketing at least 50-60k per yr.

So you may wonder what his home was like? Well wait for it...a high rise flat on the 14th floor, in the roughest areas of town! No carpet on the floor or wallpaper on the walls. A dump basically. It didnt put me off him though as I felt I got to know the really person and thats what mattered to me. In my opinion he, the person was lovely and I was lucky to have met such a "nice" person (or so I thought!) One thing I couldnt understand though, was the fact he didnt drive a car. Why? Surely if your self employed you would need a car /van to survive.

It didnt take me long to realise that my new "lovely" man had a big problem. He just wouldnt open up emotionally. He would evade all personal questions regarding his previous relationships and the reason for being car less. He still showered me with gifts etc but I soon began to feel that he was using his money to buy love rather than give "himself" freely from the heart. He was just papering over the cracks which in my opinion needed to be on his walls!

One day we went out shopping, a regular past time between us. He loved it. It wasnt long before I started loving it too;picking this and that, from clothes, shoes, jewelry you name it it was mine if I wanted it. What more can a girl ask for? A bargain. Until..... He just changed.

We went out to a night club (I drove but he insisted on keeping the car keys when we got there). Why? I didnt think nothing of it. But when he went awol, in the club and left me on my own for ages, at least an hour. I realised I got played! I just had to sit there and wait for him to come back. When he eventually showed, I went mad; it was an ultimate disrespect. He wasnt even bothered. I asked for my car keys back. I want to go home now I demanded.

He walked a head of me towards the exit of the night club and once outside we began to argue. He then tossed my car keys in the air and said "catch then you bitch" It was the middle of the night-no early morning 2-3 am and he just threw my keys away into the distance, never to be found again! With that, he walked out my life. I havent seen him since.

How did i get home? The emergency breakdown services. At 6am! All on my own, high heels, short skirt and blouse, that he had bought earlier that day. I felt so vunerable and afraid.

What did I learn? always keep your keys on you! If a bargin sounds too good to be true, it probably is!! I think looking back , he probably had volitile past, slpit personality perhaps. But I'II never really know and now I dont really care.

I also noticed he could switch from being nice one minute to being nasty the next.
When I asked why he lived the way he did he just wouldnt explain himself.


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