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We haven't grown old together

We were high school sweethearts. We were the same age. We became very close and fell in love for the three years we were together. We were to be married in 73.
The vietnam war was on, draft was in placed. He decides to enlist instead of waiting for the draft or getting married to me.
While away in Germany he starts to date loose women.
One night stand after another.
I was so upset when I found out. I learned about it from a friend we both knew. I did not want to have anything more to do with him. I was crushed. I was saving myself for just him. Why was he doing this to our relationship? I trusted him.
After I recovered I started to date again. I could not get involved with anyone. They were just not right for me.
An opportunity to move states came along, and I left to start a new life. Eight years later I meet someone I really liked. At the same time my Ex-sweetheart calls me on the phone to tell me he was married for six months and got a divorce. He wanted to know if I would come back and try dating again and see where it would lead. I asked him to come and see me and my new life and he refused. He told me,
I was the one that left I would have to come back.
No,not this gal. I was not about to take that chance again. He left me once, he could do it again. I had new friends, a great job and maybe a new love in the works.
If he really loved me enough he would have come to see me in my new state. He was the one who left me to fool around with other women and then got married! I never had that opportunity. We were no longer two young kids figuring out
life together.
I would have done anything for him when we were together.

I ended up getting married soon afterwards to the new love. After four years he also found someone else to marry.
Now it has been twenty six years my ex-sweetheart finds himself divorced again and the father of two children.
I seen pictures of him at his H.S. reunion. Older, loosing his hair on top and I could tell he was under stress and was not happy.
I was able to contact him. He told me what happened between him and his wife. Not all his fault this time.
I enjoy our talks together over the phone. We can still talk for hours. Just talking about the past, and the present, about our families. Our talks seem to help him with his recovery.
I am still commited to my husband and our marriage after twenty-five years.
I have explained to my ex-sweetheart many times we can only be friends now.
He feels we were ment to be togther all along.
He realizes now he should have married me. We would have had the four kids we talked about and grew old together.
I feel bad for him, he is alone now.
My heart goes out to him.
But I've changed, he has changed.
We haven't growen old together.
I don't have the body I use to have, I don't have the health I once had.
He still has both. Life is not fair.


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