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He Lied and Used Me

I hate my ex boyfriend, he ruined my life, ruined everything about me that was good, and now I seek revenge. He lied to me alot about other girls. Although as of today I have not heard of him cheating, I've heard many tales of him flirting, telling girls he liked them, bad-mouthing me, discussing our sex life with other girls, slapping girls a$$es, and pretending he didn't have a gf. I was home-schooled for a few months at the end of the school year, and thats when it all happened. My friends gave me a heads up, so I brought it up to him, he completley lied and I stayed with him. The lesson I learned from that round, was NOT to bring it up to him again, so when I heard more, and it was undeniably true, I dumped him. He didn't seem to mind either. It was long over due. I hate him, and it bothers me that he didn't care, he would have done it if I hadn't of dumped him. So luckily I did it first.
Anyways, If you know something is true, your friends are telling you, believe them over your bf/gf, cause why would they lie? He told me they were lying because they didn't want us together, which was true, They hated him, but still I should have listened to them.


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