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luv leads u every were u dnt wanna go

after losing trust for every1 i finaly regained it after meetin who i though was an angel. at first we were set up coz i guess we were both a lil scared of going into a new relationship.but i had to thank her for doing so. he was everything a girl needed. things changed not long into the relationship. he cheated and blamed it on the drink. i dnt know why but i gave him another chance. shortly after i lost my dad and he was the only one who i could turn to. he helped me which i was thankful 4. but shortly after he cheated again. i couldnt stand the pain and found myself feelin better in a friends arms strangly it was my his best mate. i dnt know what came over me. but i learnt trustin sumtimes means gettin hurt but sumtimes can lead to grater thing. i ended it with him coz i feel for his best mate. but yep things got worse his best mate was seeing one of my mates. things get from bad to worse. i guess at the end luv leads u every were u dnt wanna go. but i know i will get ova him after all he sure got ova me fast. im now living with my mum n my trust is bak but i think to save pain im going to stay single for a while.
at times i wonder if he still cares buti dnt think he ever did coz if he did he would not have hurt me. for his mate well i hope hes happy.
il recover and i will learn from the past
thanks if u read this.


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