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I want to know if he misses me

It seems like not too long ago that I was on this website trying to figure out if this guy likes me. Well he did. I went to school one day and a bunch of my friends heard that he was going to ask me out, and he did. This was all like 5 days before my birthday. We had so much fun together and we had so much in common everything was great. Until one day one of my friends stopped me in the hall with a note from him. It said, "I'm sorry to have to tell you this but it's over." thats it! at the time I was so angry because i got the note on the way to the class I saw him in, why couldnt he just tell me there?!! A few weeks later he finally came up to me and said hes sorry and he still wants to be friends. Nothing has ever been the same since. There have been rumors that he broke up with me because he wanted a little "something" from me but he wasnt getting any. He was my first boyfriend and I am very shy about intimacy. He never seemed to ever make a move on me this is why I was still wondering was that the reason he break up with me? Now a days he's been going out with these really ugly trashy girls and I am a little jealous by the way he is always touching them and how he likes them we were never that close but we had something different we connected in a different way, he was like one of my closest friends. He never laughs like when we were together. All of my friends that I try and talk to about this say that he is ugly and I am way to good for him but that never mattered to me before and I still find him really attractive even when no one else does. I'm sorry this is so long. Everytime I see him I have these mixed feelings like I love him and hate him at the same time. Everyone of my friends are very close to me and are always trying to do what best but they cant understand why I still like him, maybe I just need some closure. I hide my feelings for him because I know that no one can help me. I wish that we could still be together or atleast still be friends but after what he did too me I don't know. Whenever I look at him in his eyes theres a sadness that I cant figure out. I dont know how he really feels about us. I want to know if he misses me. Ever since then i havent had a crush on anyone because the way I felt when I was crushing on him he was perfect for me, we were good friends and we had so much in common and now I feel that those qualities that I looked for in guys are gone because I cant trust anyone anymore because I was shocked when he broke up with me. I just need some closure of why he really broke up with me.


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