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help me pray for faster recovery please

i have this almost perfect guy who loves me very much for almost 5years.. he courted me for almost a year then we were together for 4years. until one day, an enemy of mine (a guy) who slapped me infront of my bf. my bf didnt do anything. i was so dissapointed then the next thing i did was cheat on him. but i realize that i still love him and so i chose him still. he knew that i cheated on him. he never said a word but i know it was so painful for him. i prayed that he will still accept me even if i cheated on him. just give me a last chance to have him again. God heard my prayers. we still end up together. just a lil misunderstanding and we broke up. i forgot that i asked the Lord for only one last chance. now, im single for almost a year because its still him im longing for and still hoping that we'll end up together. i told our friends that i still love him and they said that he still loves me too. the next day, my friends and my x were chatting and they were using my account so i read their conversation...

oh My.. my ex has a new gf and im the only dumb who didnt knw. and my friend who said that my x is still inlove with me is the one who introduced the new gf of my x to my x..

its almost a year now and still i cry myself to sleep.. it is really true that if you really love the person, every minute, every second its him thats on your mind. im suffering too much pain right now.. my only defense is prayer.. yes, time heals all wounds but it'll surely leave a scar..=(

help me pray for faster recovery please.. im really suffering too much pain right now,,


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