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she just wanted to go out again

my ex-girlfriend is one of the most talented dancer in town..not to mention her beautiful looks and curvaceous body.whenever she's in the bar, she usually joins the sexy moves competitions where she ends up a winner, modesty aside. she proudly gives me her prize everytime she wins. she's the sweetest girl i've ever had.. and she's very supportive to my work. Until, gradually, things had changed... although we live together, she just can't seem to refuse her friends' invitation to go out late at night..without me. at first, i allowed her to go. but then, she does it almost everyday and everynight..that i noticed we could'nt have enough time for both of us. i pretended not to be hurt.. i still do the usual things with her. but to no avail, she began not to appreciate the simplest things i do with her. she gets easily irritated everytime i asked about her friends and parties... she gives me lies..lies..lies...like she pretended that her family called her up... but that was fake... she just wanted to go out again and made an alibi that it was her family who wanted her to go home late in the evening to discuss family problems. she insists...and since i love her so much..i give in. so off she goes again...sometimes, coming home the next day....feeling tired and angry. as usual, i have to pretend am not seeing the changes..and keep on doing the usual things of caring for her... till one day, i forced myself to open her mobile phone...(she hates it everytime i get hold of her mobile phone)...but that night, i did openned her phone. and i got numb..i didn't expect what i have just read... - my gf is seeing someone else... and she even had sex with him... and on the day she said her family wanted her presence, she was actually dating with her new "bf" together with their friends.... i was shocked i didn't know what to do...i started writing "goodbye notes for her"... i moved out of our house... i took refuge in an out-of-town vacation house near a beach resort... i wanted to cry .. i wanted to shout.... but i can't... i wanted so much to throw things and get wild... but i couldn't do it.. i was devastated... then after 3 hours, she started looking for me... she called me up... i answered...she told me to come back home because she needs something...then... suddenly.. there was silence... (i knew it she was already reading my goodbyes....) ...then! she finally called up again..and told me not to come back home until afternoon... i conceded... after a while, i began to recover myself... i realized i love her still...in spite of what she did to me... even if it will cost me my unhappiness...so...off i came back home...only to find out that she has packed her things up... nothing's left... only her reply letter bidding me farewell and asking for an apology for what she did.... i was silent... i don't want her to go.. i called her up... she wouldn't answer me anymore... One day, she called up, she wanted to talk with me about what had happened. i agreed. we met at our favorite hang-out ... we talked... there was understanding in the air... i told her to join me in our pad again... we had sex again.. all the while i thought everything would turn out well... i didn't realize that was our last sex .... the next thing i knew...she was moving away from me.... i love her very much... i missed her so.... i can't move on coz i know deep inside that i'm still in love with her.... but she has moved on... she doesn't want to have me back... she wanted space....how would i get her back? i need her .... my life used to revolve around this 25 year old lady... i'm on my late 30's....


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