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now im with somone who treats me well

Hello ... im 15 and i was in a relationship with somone who i thought id be with for the rest of my life (like most teenagers) till she had sex with a 22 year old army national guard on me ... and she treated me like crap and she would blame me for things that was her fault and id still say sorry knowing it was her fault in hope things would get better .... but now im with somone who treats me well and acctualy likes to cuddle/kiss/hug and stuff ... and shes fighting like 2 of her friends for me ... so i think she acctualy likes me ... the other chick said she did but now that i look back on it ... WHAT A HOER! dont give me a 5 for slime ... give her the 5 ... i treated her like girls (in my idea) would dream of ... i bought her expensive jewelry and got her a dozen roses and a big box of choclates for valentines... and i made her my first priority over everything in life ... and it got so were she hearing me say "i love you" was annoying ... so ... gl on her life i gues ... i still have some feelings for her... but il never forgive her for what she did ... but il always be there if she needs me... A REAL TALE


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