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she saw him slap me

well i had moved with my mom and dad and iw as in my bed room with my friend and she and i were checking out this one boy that lived right next to me he was really hott and had a great body well thatz not the point well we finally go to gether after a while he would take me out wed go t movie hed buy me stuff he was the best ever well..thats wat i thought well this one day me and him were sitting in my bed room and he said that he didnt want me goin out with friends because it was time we could be spending together and no more mini skirts he didnt want any one lookin at wats his. well this one day i broke on of those rules and went to the mall with my friends well when i go home he came storming overwe were in my room and he said were you and i said at the mall with some friends he said ur not supposed to go out and he said are u cheating on me and threw a book at me i was in pain as my arm started bleeding i fell to the floor and started crying he came over and hugged me and said baby i love you whyd u make me do that.after that i knew iwas in trouble i covered up the bruises with make up my friend convinced me to breakup with him but i was to scared to well this one day i was in my room and my mom walked in on me and him and she saw him slap me and she yelled -------(-=name) get out now and he ran out. i felt so safe i cried in my moms arms she wasnt mad at me for not telling. ------- spent the whole summer trying to get me back he even mad treats so we pressed charges and he couldnt came near me. but know im so happy my mom did somthing about it!!!!!!


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