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I had this amazing guy whom I'll call "My EX". We were together for like 5 years. I was young, immature and just not ready to be a good girl i guess. We broke up.....on my account...I met someone else, ended up pregnant!!!!! I had to make a huge decision to either end the pregnancy and go back to my Love or to sacrifice my Love and have this baby. I chose to keep my baby......I have been with the daddy of her for nearly 5 years now and still am not in love with him. I tried and tried and prayed and prayed for the feeling to come back, i think you know what feeling i mean...well it still hasn't and well he's now about to become my ex and this hurts me too. I know I'm not in love with him but 2 babies later there is a love there, it's just not as strong as my one true love I feel I lost. I think about him every day, pray for him every day and still hope that one day we can somehow be a couple again, I think I'm crazy, but then again LOVE isn't crazy and LOVE NEVER DIES!!! If your reading this and it's spoken to you this far. Don't give up on your true love. Nothing will ever feel the same again, no-one will ever fill his shoes. Give your self the time you really need to make a decision to be with the father of the baby, or be alone till you can honestly say you are over your true love. I miss "My EX" so much, I wish I'd never left him, I pray God will give us another chance to be in Love together again ONE SWEET DAY.


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