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Just thought I would share my tale of woe!!!

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would share my tale of woe!!!
Met a man - a lovely man (so I thought) absolutely crazy about each other - or so I thought.
We went out together for 4 years and I was truly, madly, deeply in love with him.

We worked for the summers together in different hotels around the country and then went back to our respective colleges.
I got meningitis while we were going out and it was pretty serious - he slept on the floor beside my bed in the hospital for 6 days and risked expulsion from college.
(I was in a coma at the time)

Eventually I got better - luckily no lasting problems and the following summer we took off again to work in a hotel in Mayo.
It was a wonderful summer.

Then I found out he had been unfaithful.

I broke it off with him.
We eventually got back together after a lot of talking.

Then he did the worst thing imaginable:
He got a girl pregnant and sent her to England for an abortion.
I left him for good. I heard through the grapevine that he recently got married and soon after that I bumped into him and his new wife in a pub up in the mountains unexpectedly.

I thought I was over him, but I am not.

What do I do - my head is telling me to forget him, but my heart is telling me otherwise.


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