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I chose to be single..

I met this guy that liked me, i me he really liked me. All my friends liked him, even my mom. Unfortunatley he was rebound i just finished with a bitter bittr break up. And they were aquaited to My ex, and the new guy. Just aquainted not friends. I didnt really take him serious, but wasnt jealous eather!.i let him go out with his friends, i went out with my friends i would see guys on the side, but i guess i was in a bliss of rebound. I finally decided to take him serios after about 3 months, i confessed what i did, and have him the choice to be with me. or not. I really fell i deep love for this guy we did everything together, and treated me like no ohter. We had lots of fights, one day i was having dinner with my girlfriend and had him pick me up afterwards..I found a girls number on hi,. It was avbvious he had picked up. By this time we were already enjaged. That was our biggest fight. I had my girlfriend pick me up, as he would not let me drive off.Blocking my way with his car.....My girldfriend picked me up with her guy friend...and next thing i know he doenst call me for a week..Ignores my calls....I finally go look for him, and hes already with another girl basicaly says its over butonly after i found him the the skank!...I was in unbearable pai for a whole 5-6 months..It took me atleast 8 months to getover him... He latter tried to get back with me but it was too late i know i had payback, but i felt as he should let me go way before, when i had actually confessed what i did....F him now...he can have that girls...He ended up alone...Like he left me..Im happpy now been single for 2 years waiting for the right man to take me away...I chose to be single..


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