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I hope no one ends up like this

I met my boyfriend ages ago. We got together about three months later and the relationship worked great until we started having sex. I also saw him in many ways. That told me he was pretty much honest with me. He behaved the same way around his schoolmates as he did around our mutual friends. Basically to sum it up he was rasist, not a study type, strong, overweight, with a different sense of humor and a bad breath. He kept touching me in public after I told him it didn't feel good but rather embarassing. He kept swearing in front of children he was in charge of, etc... About a year ago we broke up. I wanted to and I have to admit I wasn't too nice about it. He didn't want to and he was pretty sad. But I just hated him.
Now he's still mad at me, calls me names, send me nasty messages and in all is not nice at all.
I know I just made him sound like a total jerk which he is, but except for breaking up with him and not returning a couple of books to him and politely telling him he's being nasty to me, I can't imagine what I've done to deserve this.
So end of rant...I hope no one ends up like this. A person you have to socialize with hating you.


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