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nothing felt better than to be free from this psychopath!

He wanted me to give him my phone! Was he nuts!? He said since we shared a plan he didn't trust me to pay it. It was the only contact I had with my family, I had a sick Aunt, and my parents were away in Europe! I told him to just send me the bill and it would be paid. I guess he was bitter since I left him like a theif in the night and like the grinch who stole Christmas. I left him with not even a crumb, not even a nail on the wall. You see, everything was mine. I had saved for my own place since I was young. He claimed if I did not send him the phone that he would report it stolen. A pretty silly threat since filing a false claim is illegal and he could face repercussions. So, I decided to give him his phone. But first I called Verizon and told them that I no longer wanted the contract split to go into effect. If he wanted the phone he could have it, the whole thing along with the contract. So I erased every entry in the phone and mailed it to him USPS with a return receipt to his work. When he received it he was fumming!!! Tried to go into my phone but there was no info in it! Tried to call Verizon, but they had already spoken with me! Finally, when he got the bills he went through numbers on the bill texting everyone he could think of pretending to be me saying to meet him somewhere. He tried to say that I owed him $300 because we shared minutes and he wanted to charge me for every minute of his that I used. I owed nothing and was not legally responsible for the phone or the bils since I kept every email printed out which showed him saying the phone was a gift.
And the whole time nothing felt better than to be free from this psychopath!


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