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he started posting blogs on the internet about deer speaking to him!!

Were together for 8 years. He rarely left the house and would sleep all the time. Spent time with my maybe family twice during the whole relationship. I did everything alone because he was against any form of compromise. He hated doing anything new or anything at all claiming I will never go to this restaurant again, or I will never hang out with those people again, etc. He would fall asleep at the dinner table before 9pm and he wasn't even an active person!! The most activity this guy got was sitting in front of the computer EVERY SINGLE DAY for long periods of time or to sit and read his objectivism books in a corner in silence for hours and talk about the importance of being selfish. Summer vacations he would sit inside in the dark as I was alone on the beach and only 22 years old wanting to live! I finally knew it was over when I invited my family over for dinner that night. I showed up at home from work with groceries in hand and couldn't get into my house!! He had dead bolted the door! I grabbed a tool kit from my car trunk and tried to pry the door open. I even tried slamming my body into the door but it would not budge so I started screaming for him to let me in. After trying to break into my own apartment for over an hour I decided to call his mother who convinced me that he may be hurt. So, of course I felt guilty and called the cops! They had to bust down my door and search my place. Where did they find Mr. Wonderful...sound asleep in the bedroom throughout the whole event! It wasn't even 5pm! He stumbles out of the bedroom and says, "what's going on? Why was my brother in law here?" I tell him that wasn't your brother in law, that it was the cops! All the perishable food had gone bad since it was 90 degrees in the hallway and we now have a broken front door. Next he walks over to the sink and washes a dish or two then walks back to the bedroom and falls face first on the bed! I just sat in shock. I am not kidding! He was not physically sick and did not need medical attention. Needless to say this was the very end and all that I was going to take. After I broke up with him he started posting blogs on the internet about deer speaking to him!!


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