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My Ex Became an Obsessed Stalker

I started dating a guy after knowing him for a few weeks. Things went well for about six months and then things slowly dragged on with lots of fights for another two months. I broke up with him. He said that he would like to still be friends, and considering that we had nothing but mutual friends, I accepted.

Immediately he began the stalking. The first creepy thing he did happened when both of us were invited to a party at his best friend's house. It got really late so I asked the best friend if I could stay the night there, and he said that I could. Later that night my ex asked if he could stay the night too. The best friend had two beds in his room which is where him and the ex were going to sleep, I was going to sleep in the guest bed in the next room. I went to sleep and was awakened by the opening and closing of my bedroom door, it was my ex. He came over and got into the bed without saying a word. I asked him what he thought he was doing and he said that he was going to sleep. Annoyed, I asked him why he came into my room to sleep and he said that his room was too cold. not being as stupid as he had hoped, I insisted that he leave. And after some time of repeating myself he finally left. I wasn't facing the door but I heard it open and close. I fell asleep only to be awoken again by the sound of snoring. At first I thought that I was hearing the ex and best friend from their room, then I realized the sound was coming from my own room. I looked at the bed, and on the floor next to the bed, nobody was there. Acting on a hunch I looked under my bed, which is where I found my ex, fast asleep. I said his name in an attempt to wake him, the snoring stoped but he remained asleep. I gently shook him and he remained asleep. Knowing that he is a very light sleeper I was surprised to see that he still slept. I grabed on to the sleeve of his shirt and shook rather hard while saying his name. It was obvious then that no matter what I did, I was not going to pull him out of the deep sleep that he was pretending to be in. So I went into the best friend's room and slept in the vacant bed. A few moments later the ex came back into that room. Angery I asked him what he wanted, and he said that he came into that room because that's where he was supposed to sleep. I had thought that the best friend was asleep until he sat up and said that we had better, "stop playing musical beds," so that he could go to sleep. Then he turned to the ex and told him to go back to the guest room and stay there.

My ex, who lived four houses away from me, tried to come over to my house almost every day for two weeks. Then he threw a party which me and two of our friends were invited to. I went knowing that it was going to be a late night party, and expecting to go to the best friends house afterwards, so that I wouldn't have to deal with the ex. The party went on so late that all four of us fell asleep at my ex's house. He had a king sized bed on which he, our friend, and I slept on. the best friend fell asleep on the floor by the bed. I awoke in the middle of the night to my ex scooting closer to me and trying to put his arm around my back. I picked up his hand by the wrist and put it back onto his side of the bed. He tried again, and I got up and went to the floor to sleep on the other side of the best friend. The ex begged me to come back to bed and promised to stop, but I declined. He continued to beg until the best friend who is taller and considerably stronger told him that he had better stop.

In the following week I had started to refuse to speak to my ex, and he made three attempts to talk to me anyways. He did this by climbing up to my bedroom window (on the second story of my house) and repeatedly knock, no matter how many times I told him to leave. all three times I ended up leaving my room until he went back home. About a month later me and my ex rarely spoke, but if we saw one another around town, or at a party we would exchange curtesy words and then go our seperate ways. This is when I started to date the best friend. Him and I both new that my ex would have some difficulty choking down the news, so we agreed not to tell him until we thought that enough time had past for him to get over it.

The best friend was just about to come to my house one day, when my ex came over to return a few items of mine that he had found. I invited him in to accept the items when the phone rang. The best friend was calling to tell me that he was already at a park which was only a few blocks from my house, I told him to stay there and wait for me to come get him. This would avoid any chance of the two guys meeting. So I told my ex that he had to leave because I had to go, and he asked me where I was going. I told him that he didn't need to know, but he continued to ask until I got mad and told him in a very sarcastic tone that I was going to see my new boyfriend. I had hoped that this would strike a cord and he would go away, it didn't. He asked me who this guy was, and I said nobody he knew. Then he wanted to walk me to this imaginary guy's house. I told him that there was no way that was going to happened and I asked why he would even suggest it. He told me that since we were just friends now he might as well walk me over to keep me company. I told him to go home. When we passed my ex's house I stoped a waited for him to go inside. He was very reluctant to go. I walked over to the park constantly looking over my shoulder because I kept getting the feeling that somebody was watching me. When I got to the park I spotted the best friend, and went over to him, then with a surprised look on his face he informed me that I was being followed. I turned around and sure enough there was the ex, he was crossing the street in a low-to-the-ground, quick motion. He had apperently lost sight of me and was looking all around him. Finally he stoped behind a tree and looked around failing to realize that I was staring straight at him. I yelled out his name and he froze. I yelled it again, and he slowly came out and began to walk towards me. When he saw who I was with he freaked out, and started yelling at the best friend. We knew that he wouldn't be able to accept the news just yet, so we told him that we had gotten together to plan his surprise birthday party. Once we convinced him of this he wanted the three of us to all go to his house. We said that we couldn't because we needed to plan his surprise party. He insisted that he would take a shower while we planned, and when he got out we could all hang out, we told him no once more. After that the best friend and I went over to my house. We hung out downstairs for a while, and then headed up to my room. When we got there we talked for a little while, then we kissed. An instant after the kiss we both heard a sound from outside. When the best friend reached over to kiss me again, I realized that he didn't understand what the sound was. I turned off my bedroom light and the one-way mirror affect of my window was reversed. We both saw my ex climbing down from the wooden structure beside my window. And we both knew that because of his creepy stalker habbits, he was going to have to choke down the news now.


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