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am so sick of living this life.

I really don't know where to begin but my boyfriend and I have been together for 1 yr 4 months before goig out we dated for 6 months. I got pregnant and we move in together, we loss the baby at birth. Before the birth of our belove daugther we fight almost ever other day, and after the baby it got worst. It even came to time that we fight and I will hit on him. At that point we were both so in love but all the problem came from him trying to cheat on me. It's really hard to say but now when I think about there were sign every where I just refuse to see them. Right now we are not together but live in the same house sometime in the same bed but we don't touch each other. I mean he is so cool hearted, am not going to lie i know he loves me but due to the facts that we are from different culture background and also that his patrent have problem with people from my culture it's having it hard for him to accept the person that I am. Am not going to lie if my bf(x) change his way we are going to be perfect couple but he critize me on everything that i do. He choose others over me and then accuse me of things that am not doing. Right now ( while am writing this note he is sitting next to me playing video game) am so sick of living this life.


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