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he used a ridiculous pity story to get me back!!

he used a ridiculous pity story to get me back!!

so after i found out that what everyone was saying about my ex boyfriend cheating on my was true, i so dumped him. about two months after i broke up with him, i broke down and called him. we talked for three hours... the whole time he was making up excuses to get me back. the one that has stuck with me all this time... almost 7 months later... was the one of him getting in to a serious car accident. "serious." ...

--"i didn't want to tell you this but i was in a car accident one night after school about 9:30 at night. and all i could think about was you and how i didn't want to leave you here to put up with everyone's sh*t by yourself."

he also said that his parents didn't know anything about it. how can you be in a serious car accident and not have anyone know about it?? jeez. the part that got me the most... and really made me laugh... was how while he was lying in the ambulance all he could think about was me. HA! YA RIGHT! me and all the other girls he had in his life!!! lol. boys are soo stupid.


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