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i still cry almost every day

My first ((real Boyfriend))
I can not even explain how sad i am right now...i miss my exboyfriend sooo much i still think about him all of the time literally like 10 times a day..he makes me soo sad:,(
i cry over him ALOT he has no idea how much i miss him right now...i think i really might love him now weve been broken up for longer than we went out..we went out for around two months and those two months were truely deeply amazing.
they way he looked at me made my heart float he told me i was beautiful and he asked me out and broke up with me, i'm thinking it might have been because one night we were at the movies(we saw blades of glory) funny movie but not so (Romantic)anyways he tried to hold my hand and i said what are you doing? (playfully) and he was like i was just gonna hold you hand and then i said oh ok thats fine and then i never ended up holding his hand and that might have made him think i didn't like him anymore or something? so he called me 2 weeks later and told me its just not the smae anymore...he asked me if i was ok with it and i said yes...i didn't want to sound desperate and say NO!!!!
i was fine untill he hung up...i started crying nonstop..i cryed the next day at school and people kept asking me whats wrong (they probably thought i just wanted attention but i couldn't help it i was sooooooooo sad=[
we promised to still be friends and that NEVER happened...
we stopped talking to eachother the second he hung up the phone.....i still cry almost every day...its Overwhelming...


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