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3 weeks till the 2nd week of september, and still, im waiting.

i was in junior high school when he and i first got into being boyfriend and girlfriend. he was in the graduating class, i was a freshie. we were friends for months until he finally said he loved me, blah blah... the typical stuff. well, what would you expect? i was in first year, and at that time, i would marry any guy who says he loves me. =)
we never talked in school, we were only talking for like an hour a day, because we both weren't serious about anything, until we broke up.

a year went by, and 2 days after one of recent exes and i broke up, i went online.
it was a typical sunny sunday, you wouldn't expect anything special to happen until....


someone from my messenger list buzzed me. i was surprised to find that it was him. he said that he was in abroad and apparently coming home soon. he asked me about my love life, and i told him that i just broke up with someone. then he said that he wanted to see me, and he wanted to be with me, yadayada... well, i was hurt at that time and i needed someone to console me, so i agreed to be his girlfriend again.
i didnt really love him at that point, i just felt like he was my friend,.. except for all the i love you's and i miss you's he sent me, he was no one special, until...


my phone rang. i answered. a voice said "hello?" it was him.

i didnt talk to him that day, i didnt have enough load on my cellphone to go online and talk to him,.. besides, i was busy and he didnt seem to be that important. but when he called, i felt a sudden rush of blood going to my head and my heart pounded like never before.... i felt like my head was floating. "he called from abroad just to check why i didnt go online that day?" a voice inside me was asking. he asked all my friends that he knew for my phone number. now isnt that sweet? well, maybe i was so lightheaded at that time that i was not thinking straight. =) that was three days after i agreed to be his girlfriend.

spiderman spiderman....

my phone sang my spiderman ring tone (sang by my 5 year old sister). i checked my clock.. it was 8 am. "now who in the world calls at 8 am?" i asked myself. i saw the calendar next to my bed that it was the 11th of february and realized- OH MY SHIT! HE ARRIVES TODAY! this was the day. he came home and arrived today. my phone was still ringing... i answered. "hello?" i said. on the other line was the same voice i heard two weeks ago... it was him.
he just told me he arrived, and that this is his number, dadada,,, i couldnt remember because i was still too sleepy. hehe =)

valentines day came three days later. it was our first date. i was so excited because at that point, i already liked him for all his effort. i was fussing about almost every bit of detail. haha. i felt like and idiot and reallt thought about backing out. haha. but this was it. we were going on a date.

honk. honk.

after our date, he escorted me back to my service so i could get home. the date went pretty well, we had a fun time watching the movie,.

after that, it was official. i was floating on a cloud. i knew that this was something special, but not love yet.

two months after, he told me he had bad news. he was going back abroad with his mom to arrange some papers to change his surname. i was shocked. i thought he was here to stay.
on our last day together, he kissed me goodbye and went off. he was abroad for two months. still, we managed to get our relationship afloat. we still communicated with each other, actually, we talked every minuite, every day.
haha. nice huh? hehe.

when he came home, the first month was magnificent. we missed each other so much that we couldnt get enough of seeing each other.
until the time came for him to go back to school. he was in first year college, i was in junior high.
it got tough so we frequently broke up and got together.. he was busy with school, and as am i. we broke up, finally on the first of august, 2006.

he told me he would just try and pass his exams and if he did, he'll come back for me after the 2nd week of september. stupid me, i waited. and up to now, still, im waiting for the next september, and the next september after that... i figured he found someone new and had to leave me but didnt tell me the truth. he left me a necklace with the first letter of his name as a pendant, some pictures of us, i burned them all.

i thought, without him, what good are these memories?

today is the twenty-seventh of august, 2007, 3 weeks till the 2nd week of september, and still, im waiting.


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