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we can't push people to love us back

falling in love with a man who doesn't even love me back...

i met this guy last year and he was my former classmate in accounting that i eventually did not notice coz he sits on the back row of the classroom...we had common friends that linked us until second semester of last year...i find him so annoying and he was too demanding when we're talking but after hearing him talk about himself that not all guys can do i become interested in him...knowing that he's a member of a gang...don't want to name it...i always complained him to our friends that he's like this and like that not knowing that i am slowly falling for him that i always deny it...coz i'm afraid that i might get hurt...i asked god for a sign that if it was really him he'll come tonight...one night while i was at the hospital looking after to my uncle who is sick...i asked him to come though i know it was already late...and he sent me a message that he's at the hospital's lobby i was shocked and in denial that he might be joking...but when i went down to the hospital lobby he was really there with his friend...and all i can say is "oh my god!" right then and there i fall for him...he was with me until five o'clock in the morning...the next day my uncle died but before he died i asked him if this man (rj) is the one whom he wants to look after me...i know my uncle was in comma but he did grip my hand and i got my sign...and rj was the first to know about my uncle's death...and after a couple of months we're finally together...we enrolled together and share our thoughts and dreams together but those were just memories now....coz after two weeks he broke up with me...he left me hanging onto nothing...i keep telling myself that soon i will be fine and soon i will get over him...but honestly i'm not coz every time i do the next day i am still in step one...i can't move on though i know for myself that he has moved on already and i know that he doesn't even loved me...even a little...he never did...those were just words...and i am such a loser to still want him back and to seek answers to my questions why him...how could i ever forget my first boyfriend...i am 20 years old when we're together...i always tell myself that i want my first to be also my last but it never happened....coz we can't push people to love us back if they really don't feel like doing so and if they really do not love us....


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