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family of 20 living in the same house

I have boyfriend....I've hadhim for three years now.And I am going to be marrying him in about 6 months. I m gona call him XY for now

Now, when we started off,AB was he darnest,cutest man ever.He bought flowers,waited night and day for a call for me,put everything on hold for me.
Fast forward to present day:He goes to his hometown every weekend and he has a family of 20 living in the same house. So when he goes home,my phones are not answered,when they are, they cant go on for more than a min and when i lose it and yell,i get "look,this is my home,i am busy here.u need to understand"
Next, I go to my place and a half hr after i land i get a call from him with a "why didnt u call!!!!!!!!" I tell him "i've come home, i will call later" and e tells me "u only have a family of 2.u dont need to spend all ur time with them" $%&**$#@@
Situation 2:I call him all da, no reply.Finally when he answers,we have a fite.In between,his mom takes the phone and says"He's busy,he'l call u later" After an hr when h calls back I am hoping mad and he says "she was just eing nice"

God, I dont know why I even try!!!


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