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he was just like any other boy...a playing heart breaker!

i met my ex in kindergarden!!! never would i have guessed that when we grew up and got to highschool we'd fall in love...well i had a small short crush on him in about the 8th grade but didn't care too much to try, we got to highschool and he wanted me and i honestly couldn't believe it......i liked him alot but i was terrified of getting hurt and he proved to me that he wouldn't do that to me.... we made our own love stories and we had happier endings then the fairy tales on disney do....he proved himself to me so i respected that and believed he deserved a chance better yet my heart....we were together for 7 months then one day he all of sudden changed his act... treated me the opposite and our happy endings weren't such a thing no more....he broke up with me because he felt he was too busy for me....i believed he hoenstly didn't wanna break up...i believe everything he told me...i would have never thought that he would have found a new girl in 3 weeks...now my summer has passed and i've been making mistakes being someone i would have never been..... my heart was completely broken and i tried to not let it show but he always knew i was crazy bout him so he didn't care for me....now he's telling some other girl the same sweet lies he told me..... i just found out he told her he loved her!!!! he turned out to be the person i expected from someone but not him! he's trying to sweet talk me and her at the same time!!! he wasn't a waste of time...he was just like any other boy...a playing heart breaker!


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