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she sneaks out of the country

My exwife started a business on line that put her in touch with many men. Shortly after she met a man who knew alot more about that business and they started hanging on line all the time, "so she could learn from him". After a while it became apparent there was more going on. This went on for about a year untill I got enough information off her computer to find out he was married and they planned to hook up and be together. With a little more info I burned him with his wife and he went away. My ex and I have a young son, so I forgave her for the sake of our family.
A year later I discovered she was having another internet affair that actually ended up with the two of them getting together for sex a few times before he dumped her. I forgave her again for the sake of our family. From there she went from one internet guy to the next. By now we are fighting all the time and she is telling her new steady friend how terrible I am,playing the pour pitiful me routine. The next thing you know she is on a plane Fathers Day with our son to be with her internet man who lives in another country. I put up with the heart ache to keep our family together and she sneaks out of the country on that day just to make a statement. What a bitch.


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