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but what kind of fool would I be?

Well I met this guy through an ex-boyfriend's aunt. The guy was actually her children's uncle. I didnt like him at first because he was not my type, I was just out of a relationship about 3 wks and he had recently been released from prison. I told him several times I was not ready for another relationship yet but he was very interested and continued to pursue me. He asked me to at least spend Thanksgiving with him and his family so I traveled several hundred miles to be with him just being open and thinking maybe he could be the one so I need to be nice. Well after Thanksgiving he and his mother did not want me to leave so I ended up relocating and living with them (bad idea). Over the months my feelings for him grew stronger as his need for the night life (clubbing) also grew stronger - he began going out every other night sometimes not coming home until the sun came up. I have never been a nagger but this really disturbed me because I dont go out to clubs or bars. I go to work then home - when we first met he always talked about wanting a woman he can spend time with and get married and raise a family, which was great because we both are work a holics and have no kids. We basically had the same dreams up until then. When I would ask was he interested in someone else he always said no he just likes to take long rides (alone) to clear his head of the drama his mother always seemed to cause. She gave us no privacy and always was in the middle of our conversations regardless if we were in a locked room or not. She would stand outside the door and listen and then comment about it. That really upset me and several times I advised we try to find our own place. He would agree but when I would start looking and find something when it came time to pay deposits he would always bail out and say he is not ready. Then I decided to move out he was really upset and because I moved out it seemed everything went down hill. His mother and I were constantly in disagreements only because she was nosey and always wanting to know what is going on with us. We still kept in touch and saw each other regularly but she could not stand the attention he still gave me. Meanwhile he is still club hopping so finally a friend and I went out of town searching for a new place to live and work and he disagreed because he felt it was just a vacation. He became very distant during the week I was gone and when I returned he stated he was seeing someone else - an older woman - and he planned to keep seeing her but did not want me to leave him. I advised him I was not going to stay around and be second best or share him willingly. He continued to see me but was still seeing her on the side until one day we all met up and he told her not to leave to stay. So I left and I advised him that once I was gone there would be no coming back he seemed fine with that. SO I LEFT. He saw me a couple weeks later and tried to approach me like nothing never happened saying he still loves me and the door isnt closed on us. But I quickly let him know his door may not be closed but mine is because he didnt have to handle the situation like that and I didnt deserve to be treated that way. I still see him around from time to time and he still tries to get my attention but even though I grew to love him a whole lot his actions really hurt me and I could never go back. He feels I should just forgive him and we move on but what kind of fool would I be?


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