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sometimes, rumors can be true

the first time i got my heart broken, i was really young. i'd been dating this guy that i'd randomly met at a hockey game for quite a while. we'd had our fights and breaks. the first time we broke up, there was no exact explanation. the second time, i'd gotten in trouble and wasn't allowed to have any contact with him. ::course, i still did.:: we got back together and since i didn't have any computer or phone access, he seemed to lose interest. i was still madly in love... he was my world. he was the only thing i talked and thought about. about a month in to our 3rd time being together, i started hearing rumors that he was cheating on me. i didn't want to believe it. i wrote him notes stating what i'd been hearing and then he'd respond and say they were all lies. and he loved me very much and would never dream of cheating on me. how blind i was!! there was a fat girl that went to his school, which sounds harsh but she was totally rude to me at one of his football games and wouldn't leave me alone, and she'd dated him earlier. she was jealous and wanted what i had. it was her they said he was cheating on me with. later after a dance that we attented, i found a note that he'd written to a girl two lockers away from me. i got to it before she did. what he said to her was the exact things he would say to me... the one he supposedly loved very much. it made me sick to my stomach. i dumped him so fast he didn't know what to think or how to explain anything. it gave me a lot of confidence to stand up to him. i felt great. now i'm dating this amazing boy... who was friends with him but once he found out what he did to me, he stopped talking to him. hopefully things work out between us. this really taught me that sometimes, rumors can be true... no matter how much you don't want to believe them. <3


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