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as for the wedding dress

Six years ago I was engaged to marry my highschool sweetheart.We going to get married in 2001 until I found out that he was cheating on me with 3 other girls from his workplace. THE SAD THING IS, we were eachothers first,I was so dedicated to him and did everything and anything he asked. 2 months before the wedding, he told me that we needed to separate for a while. I was devistated and kept asking him why, but he told me that he just needed time to be alone. I continuted to try to get answers from him and even visited him at his new apartment, when I walked into his room, I noticed all new clothes, cologne, and tickets to a movie that night that he didnt even invite me to. The phone started ringing and he told the person on the line that he would call back as soon as I was gone and he would pick them up in an hour. During this time I had loaned him my cell phone, I asked for it back and he refused, saying he needed to erase some numbers. I ran from the apartment crying and told myself that it was over. I even went as far as moving to another state. I just couldnt bare the fact that i had a storage full of wedding items (including my wedding dress) collecting dust.. I eventually moved back to my hometown, started working and met the most beautiful man who would eventually become my husband. When my ex found out he started looking for me and asking me to take him back, but by this time I was over him and completely happy. It turns out that none of the girls stayed with him as soon as they found out about eachother, and he was all alone. i am now married (5 years) with one boy and another on the way. I love my husband and the life I have now. Thank God I was lucky enough to get a seccond chance. as for the wedding dress, I dontated it to the Goodwill.. :)


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