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they ended trash talking

there's this girl who was all smart, rich, beautiful who fell in love to a jock that jock was smart though but he's a slacking student, he's handsome and he really looked good together with the girl. he never had a girl younger than him as a girlfriend because usually his girlfriends are months or 1-2 years maximum older than him. their first date was in a basketball court and the stars were dazzling. their first holding hands and first hug and first kiss happened under a romantic sky. they were always together as if theyre one. the mom of the guy met the girl and for some reason she wasnt in favor of the girl so she said harsh words to the girl and the guy heard it so he got mad at his mom and pulled the girl with him and they got out of his house. they were forbidden by his mom. sooner the mom of the girl also knew about it and forbid her daughter from seeing and even talking to the guy. they insisted and still continued meeting each other. they had to protect each other from their moms so they planned carefully evrytime they went to see each other. they made love and even managed to sleep together. they were crazy about each other. then due to some misunderstanding, slowly their world started to shatter. their dreams were broken by simple miscommunication. they broke up and the guy met someone else since he didnt have anymore means of communication with the girl. the girl hid her feelings and suffered her pain inside. so she decided to agree to her mom's plan for her. when she was with the guy she was always against leaving for abroad, but now she feels that everything around her consists of traces of love. she went to say goodbye to her ex and they talked somehow about their past and made out in the car. they still were crazy about each other but it was too late. she's leaving the next week and the guy cant come out for that next week is their exams week. but he still planned evrything and tried hard to be with her. suddenly the guy and the girl were planing about something to do on the girl's last day. but the flight was rescheduled to a day earlier. so they said goodbye by phone. while she was walking the bridge between the airplane and her homeland's airport, the guy told her things that ware like music in her ears. tears were drowning her eyes but not one fell since the guy repressed himself from making the girl cry when he sensed that she was already about to. the girl left a gift for him and he was to fetch it from her house but the sister of the girl kept it and humiliated him in the girl's house. the girl actually was supposed to go home when her mom asked her on their first day od arrival. the girl was obviously depressed and her eyes were clouded. but just as when she was supposed to go home, the sister told everything to their mom and the mom changed her mind and got mad at the girl. the girl talked to the guy and she was actually real dying inside. the guy couldnt do anything but to listen and comfort her. they were back together even if not physically with each other, they were in each other. then a day came that the girl's bestfriend told stories about the girl to the girl's guy and the guy mentioned it to the girl and the girl was shocked because it was a mistake of the past but the story that the bestfriend said was not the whole truth. it's just one side of the story and that sides contained invalid sentiments. the guy got hurt so much and the girl at first tried to explain but when the guy cant listen anymore they ended trash talking with each other. a month passed and they talked again as if nothing happened. but the phone of the girl suddenly got cut so they didnt have any more means of communication. the guy misunderstood so he met another woman and used her to move on. after a month he broke up with her and asked the girl when is she coming back but the girl has changed and said "i am happy now here. i don't have any reason to go back there." they talked even after that but the feelings suddenly hid somewhere but they both knew that it was still there but they were confused and scared to get hurt. the girl is now living a year being single with not even one man she got intimate with. the guy found another girl older than him as usual. at present they tried to talk but the guy seemed to be uneasy with the girl and the girl wants him to be happy though she herself is trapped alone in the world they once lived in. since that world was very special to her that whatever she does she just couldnt let go. the girl just told herself that if after 3 years, they still wont see each other then it's time to free their world. the guy promised to wait for her and the girl said that 3 years is enough. but now shes scared since 3 years is fast approaching but shes still young and couldnt let go of her family as well. theyre strangers now. would they ever be the same again?


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