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He Lied, Cheated and Used Me - I Lost $11,000

I met someone at a job interview who seemed to be fun and carefree. After seperating from an extremely uptight boyfriend, it seemed like the perfect way to get back in the habit of partying and having fun continually.

At first, I thought he was kind of trashy and completely unsophisticated, but he was so sweet and fun that eventually I began to spend nearly all of my time with him. He was the kind of guy that men loved to hang out with and women wanted to be with. He is one of the most charismatic men I have ever dated. This is quite unfortunate, considering the bad habits he has.

Neither of us worked, I was off from college, and he said he was between jobs. Within a week, I was falling in love, like never before, and he told me that he was married with two kids, but legally seperated and filing for divorce.

The summer went fairly well, with the exception of his screaming wife on my cell phone and in my face in front of her kids. I thought she was a psycho. He would occasionally disappear and stand me up. I was so confused, I would just want to understand why he did it, and he would apologize profusely and come up with a million reasons for his blunders. I, of course always forgave him. He was too fun to walk away from!

I went back to college, and after one night, he decided he couldn't be away from me and moved up to live with me. I was thinking at that point, "This was supposed to be a summer thing, but I adore him so, whatever."

He worked on and off, mostly off in construction, while I worked three jobs and went to school to support us. He continued to go AWOL occasionally, apologizing afterwards.

After about two months, my roomates asked him to leave, because they just didn't like him, and of course I felt compelled to leave with him. By this time I was spending $300 a month on food, $200 for cell phone bills, and $300 for rent. He then picked out a lake front apartment, but promised to pay for it. Suddenly, his boss's payment did not come through, and I ended up with the responsibility of rent of $600 a month. I also found out then, months into the relationship, that he had fathered an illigitimate child while he was married to his wife.

I also bought an Audi, so he could drive my Acura. My bills far exceeded my income, supporting both of us, so I was getting college loans too. I do however, acknowledge, this was my choice. It is unfortunate how convincing some leeches can be though.

After six months of him being missing or drunk and coming home in the middle of the night, our fights caused our landlord to ask us to leave. So, I quit college to go to work full time, to support him and his kids, and buy a house so that he wouldn't be able to get us kicked out of a house I owned.

He kept drinking and going AWOL for another year. He had gotten pulled over for reckless driving and was sentenced to out-patient rehab. He went, and kept drinking, but hiding and lying profusely, even after I bought a breathilyzer.

He eventually got himself into inpatient, when I left him. He came clean and told me was also addicted to meth. He had been doing it behind my back for two years. I didn't know a thing about drugs, and I was floored. The thing I thought of is how he told me when he did do it, all he would do is screw girls. I started thinking back to all of the times he had cheated, or given me reason to believe he did. I was floored. I told him I wanted nothing to do with him until he went into inpatient.

He did go, and then told me the DEA wanted him out to work undercover for them. He had been buddy-buddy with the biggest dealer in the area. So, he told me the DEA needed him to live with me to keep up normal appearances. Back to the frequently missing lifestyle.

Things got very strange, worse than before. He went to jail for an old warrant for a month, and when he came out, he looked like he had been in a concentration camp, and his eyes lost their color. I knew he wasn't straight without a doubt for the first time since I had known him.

He did love me, but he didn't know how to be healthy. He showed up and played all these games, lying to everyone, and blaming everything on the DEA. I finally had the cops escort him out and got a restraining order.

I love him so much. But, I couldn't be sucked down this white-trash, drug-addicted hole any further. I kicked him out, and he owed me $11,000, which I am sure I will never see. But, it is worth it to be free.

The more I go through the house, the more porn and drug stuff and girl's phone numbers I find. It hurts because he really had me believing that he was good to me. His kids called me mom, and loved me more than their biological mom. I am forever scarred, but optimistic about my future with no one to ruin it for me.


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