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ive got the hang of getting girls to like me pretty easy

i went to a public middle school and basically was friends with everyone there. i was really good friends with this one girl. when 8th grade eneded and i went on to an all boy private school and left all my friends behind, i told that girl to keep her eye open for me and hook me up with a good looking girl.

one day about a week into highschool, i met up with all my old friends at the movies. my friend pointed out a blonde haired girl that she had brought. i was shocked at how good looking she was, my friend really came through for me. well, anyways, the blonde had another friend with her who just happened to be going out with one of my best friends at the time. (the blonde and her firend however went to a different school about a half an hour away and they were also a year older than us)

i talked to my best friends girl friend adn i told her to put a good word in for me. she interuppted me and told me that her blonde friend thought i was gorgious. i went to six flags with my firend and his girlfriend and the blonde met us up there. we started holding hands and from then on i was hooked. it was really hot so we went back to her house and watched a movie and cuddled and all that stuff. i asked her out a few weeks later.

getting girls isnt hard for me at all really just because of my looks, the problem is that i really dont have any game after a while if you know what im saying.

so about a month goes on and i was better than id ever been and one night she said she wanted to go on a break. right then i knew i would never get her back.

i remember at a holloween party while we were going out, i was standing and talking to a friend of mine outside. when she saw i was done talking to him, she came up to me and gave me a big hug outside in teh dark by the fire and whispered in my ear really softly, "i love you". looking back on everything that was my happiest moment in the past two years. period. i feel cheated to this day that our relationship only lasted a month. i guess she just didnt want me as her boyfriend anymore.

my best friend and his girlfried tried everything to get her to take me back again, she thought that i was too attached and didnt want me around anymore. that blew, let me tell you. i remember after we broke up, the four of us were at the mall where i kissed her for the last time.

since we lived sorta far away and we couldnt drive yet, i never saw her really.

months passed and everyone could tell i wasnt the same, people at school could tell and i never went to parties or anything anymore. eventually my ex had a new boyfirend. a senior at her school. he was shorter than she was and gapped toothed as well. my best friend told me that he met him and he thought that this kid was a huge tool.

he took her to prom two weeks after they were going out and got her drunk and had sex with her. a week later she broke up with him (i htink because she thought he was too short) to this day it kills me to know that that dusche bag had sex with the girl i love) he talked trash about her afterwords about the whole thing and having sex with her. i want to fight this kid if i ever meet him.

it was soon summertime, she had a new fling with a boy but it passed quick, then she met another boy and went out iwth him for like 5 months. i hate that kid. im not sure really what happened iwth them because i kinda was still isolated form her for like two years. N E WAYS, she eneded up leaving this kid too and he was heartbroken just like me but i dont care because i hate that kid.

my best firend and his girlfriend had just broken up after a year and a half of going out and they went golfing together and me and the blonde went too. i had a blast with her again becasue it was really the only alone alone time i had had with her for like a year and a half. i play guitar and i love music and we were talking aobut concerts and who was all coming to town. john mayer (my idol) was coming to town in june and we promised eachother we were going. another best firend of mine and the blondes frined also tagged along. me and the blonde had a great time, it was like we never were awakward about n e thing. it was amazing and i was so happy. the fray came to town two weeks later, the four of us went again. we had an amazing time again.

about a week after the fray i was at a party and she was on a cruse out of town. it was 5am and everyone at the party was sleeping. i was the only one in the house awake, i was sorta drunk but sobering up. i was just thinking about life and everything and what i want. i kept thinking about my ex. i randomly texted her at 5am while i was drunk n said "idk why but i kinda wish we were hanging out right now"
she texted me back in like 2 seconds (she happened to be awake with my best friends girlfriend on a cruseship) and she said"aww ur sweet i wish we were hanging out too"

i then told her "it sounds crazy but sometimes i wish you were still my gf"

out of knowwhere she told me "i know exactly what you mean, at the concerts with you i remembered how much fun i had with you. when im with you i feel like we should be together, i know it sounds stupid"

STOP! right there it clicked what she said and i almost had a heart attack. i was shocked at what she said, i had waited for something like that for like two years.

i played it cool and we promised eachother we would get lunch when we both got back in town (i left for the beach the next day).

i was nervious when we got back in town. two weeks had passed since the texting and i was afraid that she would lose interest like she had before, way back when we were together. she didnt tho, i took her out to dinner and we saw a movie after. we started cuddling and holding hands in the theater. i was so happy i cant even explain, all this time i had wanted to hold her in my arms and i was actually doing it. (this was about a week ago) i took her to the zoo yesterday adn we held hands all day and when she was getting ready to drive away i gave her a hug and she kissed the side of my face. then i gave her a look and we kissed. my life was like complete there, lol. now, today i we got some food in the city somewhere and then came back to my house and watched wedding crashers and layed down together. we kissed several times.

she had to leave at 4 to go to work. i stayed home playing and writing songs i had written bout what i felt these past years.

right now though, right now im scared out of my mind. im not sure how interested in me she is and i have so many thoughts going through my head. i do know for a fact that i love this girl to death, ive known it for a long time.

but heres the thing. shes a senior now and im a junior. EVEN IF we get to the point and go out again, she will leave me at the end of the year for college and ill be heart broken again while she parties it up. OR! what if i go out with her again and she ends up leavign me after a month again?? ive made up my mind i think, ive been thinking about how ive wanted this for so long and its always been so far out of reach. now finally after all this time theres something there again. i pray to God that i get to be with her again, even if its not that long.

within the last two years, ive had about 6 or 7 girls go absolutly crazy over me. they all hate eachother too. everytime, id hook up with one of those these girls and then never talk to them unless i was iwth them and then id hook up with them again. i guess people want what they cant have because i wouldnt really show a whole lot of interest with these girls and then their friends would tell me how they wanted me so bad. ive got the hang of getting girls to like me pretty easy (as bad as that sounds), but im scared to death that i might not be able to get the girl that matters to like me too.

thanks for reading my novel...sorry it was so long. theres still a ton more. the blonds friends arenent exactly the best influences on her these days.


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