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i fell for him...but he didn't even stumble over me. :[

well i had this best friend. We called eachother wifeys. We were best friends and always stuck by eachother no matter what, we told eachother absoloutly EVERYTHING. We never fought or anything and we were closer than sisters. One day, she was having boyfriend troubles. && since i had a boyfriend i didn't wanther to be lonely..so i hooked her up with my very close friend, who i used to have a crush on, but i convinced myself i didn't anymore. They got together eventually, then they broke up, I got them back together a week later, and then they eventually broke up again after about two months. He told me he loved her and she never stopped talking about him. A few months passed and she had a new boyfriend, when her and her new boyfriend broke up she took comfort in her ex [my friend]. Then me and him started talking more and laughing and i got a crush on him again. It was a bigger crush then last time...and we both were single, but so was my best friend. She wanted him, and i wanted him. I wasn't sure who he wanted....but i was determined to get him first. I was so selfish...its crazy what love can do. Me and my best friend were like competing for him...he eventually chose me. After a couple days...I felt horrible. I hadn't heard from my best friend since i admitted i liked him. I could somehow sense she was hurt, and i felt really bad. I went to talk to her but she slammed the door on me [literally]. So i took comfort in my boyfriend [her ex], he was such a sweet guy...i couldn't lose him...I really really liked him. so I was confused...a couple more weeks went by and i had had enough torturing myself. I went over to my ex-best friends house and i walked straight up to her room...I found her and my boyfriend making out. I immediatly walked out while screaming "we are so over!" I went home and I cried so hard. I haven't spoken to either since...but both seemed to have new partners in thier life...my ex-best friend was dating this guy on the water polo team...and my ex boyfriend was dating this random girl that i didn't know. This all happened about a year ago...I am still not over him. He was such a great guy...i fell for him...but i guess he didn't even stumble over me. :[


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