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if u are mean to someone it may come back

My 1st was ugly and iretating, I only went out with her coz she was my 1st and i knew I had to learn stuff about women it went well and I moved out of town so she was upset and it didn't bother me.. my 2nd was beautiful and she had to learn sum thing but it went really well and after the 1st week she dumped me because she listened 2 her mom.. the 3rd was really nice
and we met at a holiday inn it went well for the first 2 days and then we lost connection..(long distance) my 4th was same age and it went well for 1 day then she dumped me because she was a lesbian X-P... and now the 4th its still going well a week and counting except the part where I had to stop the breakup because is said something stupid only 5 little words..(you don't want me there) I actually meant it to be a joke but she took it up seriously and I drove to her and please and explained why she can't leave me she is still angry but hopefully she will be better tomorrow and she won't be an EX.... lesson in all of this is if u are mean to someone it may come back in three times more what u did...


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