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i just need to talk to a counselor

This all started last summer I met this boy he was my brother friend so i was watching him from across the street from my house he was playing football. so i told my brother to ask him do he have a girl friend cause he was so cute so my brother went and ask him he said no so i told my brother to tell him to come here so we can talk i was sitting on my porch and he came over and we were both just sitting there saying nothing cause we were both scared i guess.My cousins was on the porch with us saying talk y'all he like she the one ain't talking so i started talking asking him do he have a girl frind and ask him his name and gave him mine so we just started talking after that telling each other things about ourself. So then i ask him for his phone number so that we can talk or whatever he gave it to me then i gave him my number so the night i got in the house i was scared to call him at first but i got over it and called him and we talked for like 30 mins i asked him what school he was going to and he told me i said oh we going to the same school maybe i'll see you there when school started back we walked to the bus stop together sometimes or sometimes his mom drops him off in the morning times and i'll just see him st lunch time or in the hall or maybe by my locker waiting on me and i though that was so sweet. so we started getting serios in our relationship he started comeing over my house to sit on the porch with me laughing having fun he use to tell me about his ex he broke up with to go with me he was so nice i started to get into him even more so it was like october holloween was coming up i called him and asked him what he was doing for holloween he said that he was taking his little brother and sister out trick-or-treating i said oh ok i'll call you when we come back trick-or-treating then he said ok so we had fun we got back home i called him and ask him how did they do he said they had got a lot of candy i said oh well i'll call you tomarrow he said ok bye so we hung the phone up and went to sleep.The next couple of months well november came and thanks giving was coming up he called me asked what were we doing that day and asked did i wanted to go out to eat with him and his grandma and mom i told him no cause we had cooked and i was getting ready to eat so he said ok i'll see you later then i said ok bye so after that he came over and we had sex that night and it was good after that day he started telling me he love me and he never want to leave me and nobody ever told me that before so i believed him i wasn't use to saying i love you but i told him that and i meant it when i said it. So it's december now and were excited for christmas to come he calls me and ask me what i want for christmas i said nothing because i wasn't use to taking stuff from anybody he said would you just pick something i told him i already got what i want from you. he said what is that i told him you he said oh ok well im still gonna buy you something i said ok then so then i asked him what he wanted he said nothing i said why he said cause i don't like taking stuff from girls i said ok well i'll talk to you later and that night i felt special cause nobody ever treated me like that before my whole life been hard from when i was a little girl and then he came along i felt that he was the one for me i told him a secret that i havn't told my mom yet he felt sorry for me and he told me that he would never leave me thats when i feel in love with him he gave me a hug and we hugged for like 10 mins i was crying and he wiped my tears off and said don't cry stop crying so i calm down and stop crying and then we started kissing and the kissing led to something else after we got done he lfted and said i'll call you when i get out the shower so you go take a shower ok i said alright bye he said i love ok i said yes.so a few secs later he called me and asked was i feeling better i told him yeah so then we started talking for severals of hours on the phone laughing he was telling me stories about his lfe and what he bee going through and i though we were the perfect match cause we both been through a lot and could talk to each other about anything sometimes. It was like one o clck inthe morning we were still talking and we had to get ready for school at 5:00 so we got off the phone and i said well i'll see you at school tomarrow alright. The next day came he walked to the bus stop with me we got to school went to class waited for lunch time i couldn't wait until lunch so i could see my man thats all i though about in class is him and his sexy face every time i see him my heart just start to pound fats i had to breath hard so it could stop. Lunch time came i see him by my locker gave him a kiss and we went our separate ways he wanted to go chill with his friends and i went to chill with my cousins and my friends too he got this auntie at school with us i use to be cool with until she turned on me with his ex girlfriend she call his ex her sister and i didn't like her so they use to try to break us up we didn't pay them no attention to them but before we got uncool she use to tell me stuff about him and what he was doing at home and he playing me so i asked him he said no who told you that i told him his auntie did he said he was going to ask her so i said ok lunch time was over then so we went to clas after she told me that i had a headache all that day i couldn't wait for the bell to ring so we could go home i sat in class thinking that whole day couldn't even think about my work so ididn't do it i was so heated but i really didn't know so didn't even bug out like that so the bell finally rung time to go home i went to my locker got my stuff and he come up behind me what's wrong with you i'm not cheating on you ok i said yeah i got a headache i'll call you later he walked me out the school door and gave me a kiss bye. So i got home he called me don't believe nothing my auntie say she a big liar and when she told me that i just started to get worse cause i use to spy on him and everytime he go somewhere he don't call me i call him and ask him where he at and at night time i would see cars in his drive way i would ask him who is that he would tell me his cousin i say oh Mm. Then we got to school his auntie got my class she said you see that car in his drive way lat night that was a girl that he was in the house with and he told you that he couldn't come over yesterday because he was chilling with her i didn't want to believe her but you know how girls is they just got to ask so i asked him he said no that was my cousin i was trying to get her car i was just staring at him like yeah whatever if you don't want me just tell me don't cheat on me please he said you keep on listening to her if you want to you see she trying to break us up they been doing this for how long now and you believe what she say come on now. so after that day i just stop worrying about it he came over and had a talk he ask me did i believe what his auntie was saying i said no" he said yes you do cause if you did you wouldn't ask me that if you don't believe me i'll call the girl for you i said ok call her then he calls her and say would you tell this girl were cousins so he put the phone up to my ear i didn't say nothing he said she on there just talk she said no i do not go with him he not even that cute to me thats my cousin so he took the phone and said ok thats all i wanted she hung up and he said now do you beleive me i said yeah he said i would never cheat on you i love you i layed down on his chest he said i don't want to hear that ever to come out your mouth no more ok i said ok. he had to go home cause he was on probation so he left and the next day was christmas i was helping my mom cook she had to go pick up some more stuff for the food and so i was in the kitchen and i heard the door bell ring it was his little brother he said here this for you a present from yo boo i said why he didn't bring it he said he was putting on his clothes oh ok i opened it up it was a bracelet i was like aw tell him i said thank you so i went in the bathroom and started crying my brother called him and said she crying bro he said for what i don't know well tell her i'll be over there later ok then so they hung up the phone and later that day he came over my mom was at bingo and we was talking and i said thank you for the bracelet he said yeah i gave him a hug he was looking good and smelled good so i took him to my room and he took my clothes off and you know what else happened so when we got done he told me i was the best girl he ever been with i said what ever then he said i love you then he just bust out and said i want you to have my baby i was like are you serious he said yes i said why thats what all boys say to a girl when they getting some he said not me and cause i love you and you seem like you will be a good person for me to spend the rest of my life with i just went in daze i didn't know what to say so i said maybe when i'm out of school then yeah he was like thats to long i want my lil boy right now i said how you know if it's going to be a lil boy he said cause i know so i said well we can't take care of no baby right now even though i can't wait to have kids i was still scared to have one exspecially while im still in school so i said thats not to long i only have one year left he said man i guess so ok you right i told him but i love you and i want to be with you for the rest of my life but i know it isn't going to happen he said how you know i told him that can't no boy stay with no girl for a long time and i just know he said alright so he had to go home before his probation officer call he said i'll see you tomarrow ok so i walked him to the door said bye and i love you close the door took my shower and went to bed i just thought about that question all nite like should i have his baby something was saying no and saomething else was saying yes and something else was saying wait until you get out of school but i didn't know so i just went to sleep. then a couple of months pass by it was valentines day he said he was taking his mom out to eat and asked if i wanted to go i said no i was scared to be around his mom she looked scary to me and i didn't think she liked me so i stayed at home so after they had dinner he came over again and broung me a jewelery box with a teddy bear in it and a rose with some candy in it i told him thank you this now valentines is over up next comes my birthday in march i asked him would he come with me over my cousin house to celebrate my birthday he said yeah let me ask my mom i said ok so he asked her she said yeah he can go but he had to be back at nine so he came with us i was so happy and when i'm around him i don't want to talk to no one else but him he wish me a happy birthday and told me he loved me i told him i loved him too.After every body ate cake and ice cream we had fun he pick me up and took me out side trying to throw me in the snow i was laughing saying put me down no don't throw me in that snow my cousin nem was laughing i said stop please put me down so he put me down i was like you betta put me down and ran house sat on the couch so he ame and sat down by me rapped his arms around me layed me on his lap kissing me saying he love me i say okay it was getting dark and his mom called and said that he need to get home before she lock him out so he got mad i asked him what was wrong and he told me i said well i'll tell my mom were ready ok he said yeah so it was time to go and everybody left and we went home i had just turned 18 that night and i wasn't even worried about it i was just happy he was there with me.After that month everthing just got worse he wouldn't call like he use to any more i would have to call him he would just change and i knew something was wrong with him so i asked him was he going with some body else or do he have something to tell me he said no i said oh whats the matter he was going through a lot and he would tell me he tired of his momma and that she don't like me and i didn't care she didn't even now me so why would she say something like that so i asked my little brother to go over there cause he talk to my boyfriend little brother i told him to ask him did they mom say she didn't like me he said naw she didn't say that he lying i'm like why would he lye like that. So it was time to go back to school again his auntie told me that he talking to some other girl thats in middle school she told me her name so i asked him that he saying who is that girl i don't know her his auntie confronted him she said why you lying to this girl you know yall was on the porch yesterday and you finger her i was shocked like no he didn't so thats why you benn acting funny with me latily huh so i left went and got on the bus.I was going to find out the truth myself so my cousin nem stay by his auntie and he be over there all the time so we decided to go walking that day and we was by there i was like come yall lets go see if he's in there so we went my cousin knocked on the door while i hide behind her with a stick his auntie comes to the door who is it we said our name then she said our name out loud and i here bumping, running everthing i went up there they like in a apartment i had to go up the stairs and into the house i see a girl on the couch holding his auntie baby i'm like who is you she said i'm his girlfriend my sister said no you ain't that's my sister boyfriend so the girl left out the house i go to the back of the room he acting like he's sleep i was calling his name he didn't answer me he got the pillow over his face i try to take it off but he holding it so tight i couldn't get it so i said that's alright so that's yo girlfriend in there why you didn't tell me he got up and ran out the house across the street to his other auntie house trying to hide so we took off walking again i saw him on side the car i just kept going my cousin and sister like it's alright you don't need him i was so mad i just wanted to just do something bad.So the next day we got to school lunch time i walk in the gym he just starring at me looking stupid i sat down on the bleechers my cousin went up there to talk to him she asked him why he do that he said he had a lot on his mind and he was mad he sorry he didn't no what to do and he want to talk to me so my cousin told me he said come here so i went to the top to see what he wanted. I said what he said i know you mad at me but i'm sorry i cheated on you i just was mad and had a lot on my mind i said like what he said his mom and his probation stuff was driving him crazy so i asked him was you that mad you had to cheat on me what you don't want me no more he said yes i still want you i'm sorry if i hurt you i won't ever hurt you again after that day i though he was cheating on me everytime he do something so i kept getting on his nurve asking him was he.He would get mad and hang up in my face or if we outside he would leave me on the porch by myself i'll go in the house and call and ask him why he leave he would say he's tired of me asking him that i told him why you did it to me one time you'll do it again i just got to make sure cause i don't want to get hurt again he said well i'm not cheating on you ok i'm like yeah ok.So one day he just couldn't deal with it any more i guess so him and my friend came over my house he didn't know how to tell me it was over so he keep giving me hints but he would say i'm just playing his friend would say you know he got another girl right i'm like what ever so what but i really was mad so they called some girl on my phone i was like who is that and i tried to take the phone from him cause he was talking to her i told him don't be calling no girls from my phone so him and his friend left when he get around his friends he just try to play hard i tell him to be his self.So the next day he calls me and tell me to come over i ask him what for he said cause i want to see you i said ok here i come.I go over there we playing and stuff and start kissing and having sex or whatever then we went and sat down on the couch i layed down on top of him we was talking and he said you know i go with some body else right i'm like don't play with me he say i'm just playing i said you got another girl friend he said yeah i said what's her name he said some name but we was just joking around so i said oh ok then so then he statred talking to me about our relationship i said what you mean he said we need some time apart i said why you found some body else he said no but i knew he was lying he got tired of me asking him was he cheating and his ex-girlfriend kept hatting and he wanted to see if it would stop if we split up so i told him no i didn't want him to go i loved him and he was the one for me and the only person i could talk to so he told me just for a little while i said no he told me to get out his house i said why he just kept telling me to leave i was still sitting there so he called his little brother down stirs to go get his cousin i said what he suppose to do help you take me out the house so i said i'll just leave then bye so then i was leaving out the door he grabbed my arm and pulled me back and gave me a kiss and a hug so i started crying he telling me stop crying you can find some body else i told him i don't want nobody else but him and i loved him he said look at me i would never stop thinking about you ok even though i'm with some body else i will always think about you know dry your face i'll walk you home. so i went home he left i went upstairs to my room didn't eat that day i was so depressed ever since that day my life changed i haven't been in a relationship then but i did talk to this one boy for a min but i couldn't do it so i told him it wasn't going to work out cause i just got out a relationship and i still think about him so i don't want to talk he said ok then.I just couldn't get my mind off of him so i would call his phone telling him i'm pregnate so that he could come back but it didn't work he got mad and told me why i didn't tell him earlier i said cause you wouldn't listen to me so i'm just gonna get an abortion he said no please don't kill my baby so he called his mom and told her i was pregnate and his mom called my brother cell phone i told him to tell her our mom was gone but my brother gave my mom the phone i was so scared she asked my mom was i pregnate my mom said i don't know let me ask her so she asked me i said no but i told her to tell them yeah but she told them naw she said ok then i just called to make sure my mom said ok and they hung the ohone up so when i got out of school the next day my mom had a pregnacy test on the table for me she told me to go pea in the cup and i wasn't pregnate she said you better be glad girl i started laughing.Then i went up stairs and went to bed thats all i did after we broke up i stop eating i lost a lot of weight my mom asked me what was wrong with me am i in love with the boy i said yes she said well find some body else then i told her i don't want no body else she said well i don't know.But i blme myself for him leaving i tried my best trying to get him back i tried everything until i couldn't try no more so i just gave up and when i be at school and i see him with another girl i just get so mad and his ex girlfriend just kept on picking with me i was older than her but i didn't want to get into a fight until i got out of school cause i had one more year but every time i see him in the hallway with another girl it just hurt so bad i go home and cry all day i call his phone and try to call and see if he would talk to me again he'll talk for a little while but then he said he had to go so i tried not to call him again.About 6 months later he called me i was cleaning the kitchen i answered the phone he asked for me i said this is she he said whats up i said who is this he said his name i was so happy i didn't know what to do i couldn't say nothing so he was asking me what i was doing and what i been up to i told him nothing cleaning up the kitchen riht now what you doing he told me he just got from out of town i said oh then i got silent he said why you so quiet i said i'm always quiet he said what you mad or something i said yeah he ask why and i told him that because he wasn't here with me.He said oh he said i don't know what to tell you i said thats ok you don't have to tell me nothing i'm alright he said i tell you what i'll be back with you but i'm not going to promise you that I said ok he asked how my mom nem was doing i told him fine he said oh ok well i'll call you back later ok i said ok then bye.So it was an off and on thing with us and i think i messed up and pushed him away further.2007 we just cool and i find out he got a baby on the way by some mexican girl i just really bust out in tears and i still do i can't stop thinking about him this is my graduation year and i think about him i had fun though but i just wish he was there with me but i tried to take my mind off him playing around with my friends but when i get home in my own lil space i just cry i can't get over him and i will always love him no matter where i go who im with what ever i pray every night for him to come back to me i'm still single waitng on him i love him that much he still tell me he love me but he don't show it.I'm just so hurt i don't know what to do anymore and i just need to talk to a counsiler or something and i still think about him this day while he's dating another girl i still haven't moved on yet so thats my story and i can't stop thinking about him.


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