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what am i supposed to do?

what am i supposed to do?

my ex boyfriend and i were together for 2 yrs and 3 mos. and we broke up last jan. 03, 2007 this moment was very painful for me until now, i still love her, he broke up with me because of other girl, but right now i can feel that he still love me, i need help, he is my classmate and he is affected of what am i saying or doing, like last friday my friend and i were in the canteen and we sit beside them and his friends talk to me and and one of his friends ask me if i can send her a picture of me and i say of course but my crush and i were together in the picture, then afterwards she received my picture and she react oh my god who's this guy? she's very handsome and i answered he's kean my crush, and she tell me this guy is handsome than your ex boyfriend and i answered of course my ex is nobody!!! then my my ex boyfriend walk out from the canteen and leave his friends....after that since we broke up he never talk to me anymore and he's always avoiding me when im near with him, and he's also mad at me with no reason, what do you think of him? and what should i do? please give me some advice....

[This is not the place to get advice. This is the place to tell your own tale to share with others to help them. To get advice, go to:
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Good luck! George


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