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He Said Forever - Then Left

I went with this guy for a year and four months,before he broke my heart. He had told me we would be together forever no matter what. But come October 13, 2004 that all changed. He broke up with me saying I was too controlling. But he was the one who made the decisions to not go out and do anything. But that's not the bad part that Saturday which was Sweetest Day, he said he would still spend the day with me. He didn't come over though, in stead he stayed at home and got a new girlfriend. After he had told me he wanted to be single for awhile ( and that we would probably be back together in a couple of months if not sooner) and that he wouldn't have another girlfriend for at least six months. This guy who I thought I knew sat and lied to me to my face about all this stuff.

But thats not it this girl he goes out with now is a girl he talked to me about because he had feelings for her. He told me he wouldn't break up with me for her and guess what he did. He even sat on this computer where I am at right now, while I was there and told this girl he would never go out with her because he loved me too much. But yeah now he goes with her, shows no remorse for breaking my heart, doesn't even say "I LOVE YOU" to me anymore after he said he would never stop saying that, and says we have no chance to get back together. I think he is running from a serious relationship which he made by proposeing to me. But if we were meant to be he'll come back but, until then I'm not getting my hopes up.


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