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Then about 5 1/2 moths he almost never called me

Hey, ya'll me and this guy that has been goen out for about 6 months broke up about 3 weeks ago. When we first started goen out we were talking ALL the time. After about two weeks he told his parents about it mine already knew b/c of the phone calls. The about 2 months i started going to church with him all the time. I blew off all my friends, never talked,texed, or im them while we were goen out. I was soooo caught up in his life i was letting mine go further and further away. Then about 5 1/2 moths he almost never called me. I got the feeling i had done something wrong. Sooo i didn't call until i got a tex saying he was cheaten on me. So i did what just about any of my friends would do i tex him about it. He got mad and broke up with me!!!!! GIRLS- don't let guys like mine control your life b/c you could never get a second chance like i did. After me and him was over ALL of my friends called to make sure i was ok. GUYS- please don't treat the girl that you love like mine did b/c yours may not ever take you back.


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