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There is this guy at my (wait for it)...CHURCH!Before I tell you anymore NO TRUE CHRISTIAN IS LIKE THIS.
Any way, He is married and his wife also attends the church.I'm normally so absorbed in the service I didn't even know he was married but after all the attention he'd been giving me I went past thinking he was just being nice to noticing his attempts to gain my attention.
To be honest , I bumped into him out of the church setting before all this and after he spoke to ne saying he attends me church we had a short nervy conversation, not noticing I a ring (well not looking) I allowed myself to indulge in his looks and almost felt tempted to give my number which I never do so I wasn't going to ask, I guess I'd see him aound. That was that.

I'm not sure when all his obssessing strated ie: every time I turn his eyes are on me, always looking as if he wants to say something but never saying it and walking away looking dissappointed, several unnecessary hellos or goodbyes, etc. I only started noticing when I finally came out of a long term relationship before I just thought he was a nice guy who was being nice. At first I was flattered then this all started making me feel uncomfortable especially as the wife started behaving as if something was going on between my self and her husband and ating confrontational and insecure. But I am not about to say I am not the type of woman that will ever be party to cheating as I have been on the receiving end and have too much self respect as look as she does not come out and directly accuse me of that. She doesn't mind him flirting with the other women the minute she sees him heading in my direction she's right behind him. I find it insulting..as if i would.Every time I turn around she's staring. I've had time when they're both sitting there staring endlessly at me AT THE SAME TIME (OPENLY). There has even been times when I've cut him short mid sentence in fear of what he'll say next.

I had alot of respect for him and her but after the display that they both shown, I revoke it. Now it so happens myself and her husband are working on a group project,he's just ther if he's not attention seeking by asking me inappropriate details, he praising me or trying to "help" me, or acting edgy and moving sitting wierdly far or close behind me, or whatever you name it it's happened.This was flattering in the start but now it's hutful because like they say "they'll never leave their wife" for the other woman. I'd rather stay single. I'm just glad that he hasn't come out and said will you help me cheat on my wife with you,in the meantime i'll just keep ignoring his subtle sexual remarks and intense eye contact and hinting come ons. But really a grown "respectable" man behaving like a kid with a crush...and IN CHURCH AT THAT.!! WHADDYA THINK?


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