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I'm worth more, and I know it

So I've been dating this guy for a little over two years. Let me rephrase that- i used to dte this guy and we lasted, sadly, for a little over two whole years. the first year was magical, and i lost the "V-Card" to this man who i thought was amazing. I loved him more than i loved myself, and I pledged everything to him. If you've been in love, you know the feeling. He started getting sketchy...rumors and such. After the first year, we went on a "break" (his idea, of course) and hwe promise to not get with anyone else. He ends up getting with two people. During this time, I find out im 11 weeks pregnant. I get a termination, and i was literally destroyed. Nothing was harder than that, and I told my partner. He said he felt bad and he seemed like he cared. I thought that there was no way he would cheat now, he put me through so much. Unfortunetly, i let my emotions rule and decided that I would forgive him for cheating considering our situation. At the time i thought that he would definetly change for me. Well what a wishful thinker i was. During the course of the year, there were convincing rumors he was still cheating. I didn't believe them. But, in April the following year, he cheats on me with a mutual (somehwat) friend. I was crushed, but too blinded by love to see i deserved better. In July of that year, he was sketchy again. One night he wouldn't pick up his phone, but I did get a call from a family friend. " _____ is at this restaraunt im at...with another girl." I went to that restaraunt and there he was, the "man of my dreams" with another girl. I walked up to him, said "Never again", flipped him the bird, and went home. I also then found out he was asking my friend's cousin for sex, and did hook up the cousin twice. I cried and screamed and cried and screamed but now, I'm calm. It's only been four days since I found out, but I realized I learned so much over these two years, and one thing I learned was people don't change. It's not my fault he couldn't be faithful, and I'm not a horrible girl, and nothing is wrong with me. It's just horrible things have happens to me, but I'm ready to move on as hard as it may be. I'm worth more, and I know it.


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