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He Used Me to Get Revenge

I broke up with my ex in january of 2004, because I didnt feel the relationship was going anywhere. We remaind friends even though he was VERY depressed and constantly beggining me back. We talked all spring and summer, and i went to see him about 2 weeks ago. I had realized since may that i did love him, and had to think about what i wanted. I decided in August that i wanted him back, and began telling him so. I had planed to go see him in sept, but it didnt work out and he was very upset.

I did finally see him 2 weeks ago, and he told me everything would be fine. we got back together, he told me he loved me, and we made love 3 times. I left to go back to my town where i lived, and didnt hear from him again. i tried calling, email, text messeging...nothing. finally, he texted me tonight and said "do you like donuts?" i was baffled, and said "yes, and i feel like one now. hole in the middle and all". he replied "hurts, dont it." Then, a female called from his phone to tell me he never wanted to talk to me again, and to leave him alone..to "delete him from your life". it was all a lie..he did it ALL to get back at me for breaking up with him. i have cried for 4 hours straight.


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