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OK, here we go - WAR & PEACE eat your HEART out! And I guess you guys WILL shoot me DOWN in flames!!!!!!! Love is ONLY a feeling - there is NO such thing as LOVE at first sight, NO such thing as SOULMATES and there NO such thing as the ONE!!!
Pretty cynical start, yes I know ... but its honest.
Firstly, you can't love or be loved by anyone else until you love yourself. So, in summary of that, learn to love to love yourself and you are 75% of your way there.
Nice guys come last, unless you are the lucky ONE in the billion who meets the person with the potential to sees a good thing when he/she sees it.
OK now finally, to one of the TRAGIC chapters, the last TRAGIC one (so far) of Don Juan DeMarco Casanova the Lesser : Picture this, it was an overcloud day in November 2005, I met a girl who at the time for a reason unbeknownest to me stirred my inner soul. You see, at time I was going through a HARSH break up, and at that time I believed this girl to be the one. We finally broke up in December of that year, just before Christmas, December 17th I believe (but mind you she always said there was 2 things that I reminded her of an elephant ... and one was my memory!). It was a horrid time but the OTHER was there. She was there as a friend at the very start in November, but saw me through the break-up. Only till months on (about 4 months to be precise - thats February 2006) I started to pick up on her underlying comments. Lets get this straight, I'm NO stud or HUNK. I'm just a guy (which most people would consider to BE TOO NICE) who wears his heart on his shoulder (A BIG NO-NO!). Now this OTHER, whom I shall call VAN HELSING (yes, you can see I'm not bitter!) started to make a BIG IMPACT on my life. Now she is equilavent to a SALMA HAYEK/ANGELIE JOLIE combination, whilst I would say I would make a good looking BENNY HILL (and no offence to Benny!) and we went into a WORLDWIND, ROLLERCOASTER ride of a relationship. I must admit, as I did to her before things started, our backgrounds were too different. But as I fell in love with her (in which I fought with for for a few months before giving in) it did not matter with me anymore - but at of the end of the day I suppose it mattered to her. Late last year (2006) she flew home to spend time with her family for about 6 months! Month 5, I lost contact for a week, but when we recontacted, she was getting married in a fortnights time. I tried to noble - and I was. But after awhile of her expecting me to be there, when she needed me, I BLEW UP. I had to tell her to leave me alone. She knew I loved her, she knew buttons she could press. She thought I would be there forever for her ... and I would have, if she had just laid back a bit and not expect the best of both worlds once she had SHAFTED me big time. She thought she really knew me, she knew I was VERY forgiving, but something like this is totally different, I couldn't believe she had does to me. Its been a few months since this episode, I am getting closer to being totally over it. I suppose the thing that hurts the most, is not being truly loved back, it is, I suppose when a person sees what I have got to offer and throws it back in my face. And I suppose thats my message to all you guys out there (if you have still managed to read this post) ... to be truly be happy in love ... you have to be truly happy with yourself. And if you get that, and someone doesn't want it, its not your lost, its theres! There is always someone out there worthy of your love ... and they will give the same in return - its possible - just don't fall in love with the idea of being in love with a certain someone. The most common complaint I hear from my single friends who are girls is that "I just want somebody nice", two minutes later they hook up with the EXACT opposite ... and the worst thing about it, they can't see it. Lucky for them, I'm not a DAWG, or I would really be having a good time!
I don't know why I have posted ... the first time I have ever been on this site - but I suppose I still have a bit of ANGST to get out of my system. So in parting, LOVE is what you make it, and WHOM you love depends on a time factor and how you play the game. Yes, I said GAME - not the way I like to do things, but HEY, "Welcome To The Jungle"!


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