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She Cheated - So I Lied

Recently, I broke up with a girl I had dated for well over a year, after her roommate confirmed my worst fears that she had been cheating on me. This after I had put so much of my life on hold just to pick up her slack, since she had bounced from one job to another several times and couldn't cover her own bills. I went to her house where I caught her with another guy, but I kept my cool. I told her I only wanted my cell phone back that she had been using, and she'd never see me again. I took the phone and left. She had no advance notice to write down all the numbers saved in the phone, and probably only knew a couple by heart. I then went home and changed the outgoing message on the phone to a simple statement letting people know that she no longer had use of that phone (or me) because I had confiscated it after learning that she cheated on me on at least four occassions. I then proceeded to call every number saved in the phone (about 20)--- friends, relatives, coworkers, her boss, etc, and hang up just when people would answer. Of course, this got all of them to call back one by one thinking it was her, at which time they heard the new outgoing message, exposing her dirty deeds. I wonder what they thought after all her talk about me being the man she was going to marry. Yeah, right.

I then tracked down the finance company that had placed her car on their 'repo' list for back payments, and gave them her new address. A couple days later, bye-bye car!

Last, I changed my phone number after several pathetic messages by her attempting to lure me back. I then left a box of her belongings on her doorstep with a note saying that I was starting over in a new city (not really) and would send the rest of her things when I got there, explaining that I had accidentally sent out a box of her things in a moving truck days earlier. The timing for this was perfect, as I had in fact just started a different job immediately after learning of her affairs, and my good friend was moving cross-country. Her only other way to contact me was at my front door, but I live in a gated community; she can't enter without my buzzing her in, unless she waits to sneak in behind another car. So, I gave my friend the box containing the rest of her things, and $20 to UPS it back to her when he arrived. It gets better-- after leaving the first box on her doorstep, I returned home to find a handwritten note with a business card attached taped to my front door. It was from an old neighbor -- a realtor!! Dumb luck, but it sure made my 'moving away' story look authentic, so I left it there. Sure enough, the next day, the card and letter were moved. Obviously someone had peeled them from the door, read them and stuck them back on. Wonder who? Gone forever, no strings, no unwanted calls or visits, just a nice clean break with no goodbyes. I just wish I could have seen her face when she got that letter. I love not having given her the chance to make up some lame excuse, lie, rationalize, or try to blame her bad behaviour on me. Just tell her it's over, and disappear before the truth even sets in. And to think, she lives just a few miles down the road from me!


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