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the person you like will leave you for the one they love

so i had a girlfriend and she was perfect but me the person who messes everything up was really stupid...i play basketball and my girl loved that about me well we had beenn together for 1 year and it was her last year and i had two more years of school but we wanted to be together forever. that year that school sterted i meet a cheerleader who was a fresmen and she was cute but i never thought about going out with her since i was wit my other girl. then i saw her more and more at school and at my games and then she started flirting wit me so i played along. the next week i had a game and my girl was out of town and i thought that she wasent going to be back till after my game but i was wrong. at my game the cheerleader was cheering and i kept flirting wit little did i know that my girl was there watching the whole thing and after the game my girl came up and slapped me so hard she left a mark gave me the neckless i gave her and said we were done and i couldent blame here but to all those who read this i really love her and still do and i learned a very important from this cuz truns out the cheerleader left me cuz she fell in love wit a guy so wat i learned is that never leave the one you love for someone u like cuz the person you like will leave you for the one they love


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