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Good Luck Ladies all of you...

I randomly found this page and I am thankful for it. These stories are very touching and i'm sure almost anyone who reads them can relate. I've loved and lost many times in life. Ladies, The bottom line is you need no one to hold you down but yourself. As lonely as you may be, If you aren't able to be independent enough to stay single but happy you are not ready to be in a relationship. Couples today dont grasp the simple concept that once your ''with'' someone you are with them because you want them and only them. It's like a game to most lets keep cheating til were even. It's not a game and so many girls play that game so when the time comesa great woman such as yourself is willing to be faithful commit and hold your man down hes simply ready to go get some other Ho to spread her legs. Not saying that he doesen't love you but hes become ignorant in a sense to understanding how to show it in the right way. As much as it may bug you to read this you all know it's true. Us women are beautiful all of us and we DESERVE RESPECT!!! Those great guys come few. If you just have patience in due time he'll come to you. It's simply your outlook and self-confidence that'll help you overcome being single and loving just to lose. Good Luck Ladies all of you...


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