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I can't help thinking about the jackass

Ok so I met my ex boyfriend in my art class freshman year. He was a 2 1/2 years older than me and I thought he was the hottest guy ever. We got to talking a little and then we started exchanging looks at each other. I wanted him to know that I was deffinately interested. It was a Friday when I was cleaning out my paintbrush and he came over and put his arms around me and asked what I was doing over the weekend and if I wanted to hang out. Dumbstuck that I ever got a guy like him asking me out, obviously I said "yes".

That night we went to the movies and he kept getting these phone calls from these drunk people asking when he was coming to the party, some of them were girls. I didn't know what to think about it. I knew that he drank but it wasn't until that Monday that I went back to school that people started filling me in with how much of a bad ass he was. Apparently he was a big time pot head and an alcoholic. But of course, I was in total denial and didn't listen to anything that they said.

After about 2 months of total bliss, this "goodboy" act that he was putting on for me started to wear off. He started doing drugs more frequently and the type of drugs that he was doing continued to get worse. He kept going to parties with this girl Maggie, who he used to go out with. He would always say that she would be trying to come on to him, but he'd always refuse. I believed him. Me being a sheltered girl, that a year ago wouldn't even think of hanging around pot heads, suddenly one was now my boyfriend. The seriousness of the relationship intensified. We started getting more physical, as he was getting more impatient with me to do things.

My best friend and I got tired of being the sheltered girls that came from a private school, and we wanted some fun in our lives. So when my friend and I were having an innocent sleepover one night at my house, we got a phone call from my boyfriend, wanting to sneak us out. And we did.

Now my best friend and him were becoming close friends all of the sudden. I became really suspicious of the thing when my bf invited her to the movies with him but without me. Everything was going great though in our relationship, in fact it got even tighter. Then out of the clear blue, he dumps me on our 6 month anniversary for my best friend. Obviously I wasn't too happy. But I knew that my friend would never go out with him, so all of us still remained friends. We now started going to parties together and things started to escalate. My friend and him were always fighting because he was always trying to make a move on her, but she didn't tell me this, and he was at the same time, trying to get with me. And he did. Even though we were still broken up, i still loved him more than anything in my life and he would always say the same things about me. Until one night at a party, the truth of what my ex and I had been doing came out to my best friend. Then she started telling me the crap that he tried pulling on her.

Needless to say, she was no longer friends with him, but I still was for some idiotic reason.She would always get mad at me for hanging out with him or talking to him on the phone. I knew that he started hanging around this girl and her best friend was now going out with my his best friend. We hung out one night at the park and he started kissing me. But I stopped him and asked if he was going out with Alicia and he said no, they were just "pool buddies". So we continued kissing cus for some stupid reason I really wanted to and I can never tell him "no". So at the end of the night, he told me to call him in the morning. So I did, and Alicia picks up and she's telling me that I got the wrong number.

A week later I get a drunken phone call from my ex asking me to have sex with him. I just laughed and turned him down, but he told me to call him in the morning, so I did. And Alicia picks up again. I asked if my ex was there and she said "no", even though I could clearly hear his voice in the background. She told me that my ex said that I'm an obsessive bitch that won't leave him alone, even though he was the one that always called me. I told her that he said that there was nothing going on between her and him and that they were just "pool buddies". I also told her that the night before, he called me asking to have sex with him, but of course he just made up another stupid story of how nothing would ever go on between him and I. And just like I did, she believed him.

Now it is apparent that he was cheating on her with me at the time, and that he was doing the same with me throughout our relationship with about ten different girls. But Alicia won't belive me just like I didn't belive anyone else, and she just thinks that I'm a jealous ex trying to get back with him. She's about to go through pure hell just like I did with him, and believe everything that he says. It just doesn't seem fair that this guy can go through life lying and corrupting girls' lives just like he did to me. He doesn't call me anymore because he is mad that I actually exposed him and what he's really doing behind his girlfreind's back.

I hate him in so many ways but there will always be a love for him in my heart, despite everything that went on between us. It's now 3 months after the breakup but I can't help thinking about the jackass and how he ruined not only my life, but a lot of others too. I still love him somehow even though I regret the day that I ever met him.


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